Faculty Scholarship Communities (FSCs)

The Faculty Scholarship Communities program is designed to support faculty who are conducting research and scholarly activity by providing venues where faculty can come together across disciplines to engage with a shared topic, interest, or pursuit, and to offer peer review and advising on research projects. Each FSC is comprised of 10-20 faculty members who meet bi-weekly or monthly over the academic year. The aim of the FSCs is to offer a year-long collegial atmosphere of mutual professional development and support that will assist members in meeting their individual writing and research goals.

2018-19 FSCs

FSC Flyer

Questions about the FSC program should be directed to Dr. Nancy Sweet, Faculty Research Liaison of the Office of Research, Innovation, and Economic Development at nsweet@csus.edu.

FSCs by Topic

Clinical Sciences

Translational Health-Related Research: Connecting Basic Science to Clinical Practice
Health-related fields depend on translational research that combines both basic and clinical research. This FSC is designed to help connect basic scientists, clinicians and clinician scientists from across campus, and their respective health-related research to discuss a variety of topics related to translational health-related research, including understanding the challenges of translational research and developing meaningful inter-disciplinary and translational health-related research. Importantly, this FSC will be a great opportunity for many individuals who are clinicians, clinician scientists or basic scientists doing health-related research to connect across diverse departments on the Sac State campus. 
Moderators: Matthew Brown (Kinesiology and Health Science) and Brian Moore (Physical Therapy)
Meeting Schedule: TBD


Medieval/Early Modern Research Community
This FSC seeks to support the research activities of CSUS scholars who focus on any aspect of medieval or early modern culture or history. We welcome scholars from any department who study any part of the world during this roughly defined time period. The goal of the FSC is to provide support for faculty members in producing a significant piece of writing for publication by the end of the academic year (either an article or a book chapter). The members of the FSC will share samples of their work at various stages of the writing process throughout the year and will receive feedback from their fellow community members. The activities of the group will encourage steady progress towards a shared writing goal and members will benefit from low-stakes peer review from colleagues who share a similar temporal focus on their own research.
Moderators: Mary Doyno (Humanities and Religious Studies) and Rachel Miller (Art)
Meeting Schedule: TBD

Writing and Submitting a Book Proposal in the Humanities
The purpose of this FSC is to support faculty from any discipline in the College of Arts and Letters who have begun a book-length research project and would benefit from guidance and support as they prepare a proposal for an academic press. Members will meet approximately twelve times to engage in discussion and provide peer feedback. The FSC will emphasize progress toward a submitted book proposal and will bring participants together with successful authors, acquisitions editors, and literature on the book proposal process.
Moderator: Chantal Frankenbach (Music)
Meeting Schedule: TBD


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

The Collaborative Organization for Research Productivity and Sustainability
The CORPS community is made up of tenure-track faculty in the Retention, Tenure and Promotion (RTP) cycle in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Physics and Astronomy and Environmental Studies. The CORPS is designed to support junior faculty in conducting research by providing an environment where they can come together to share key strategies and methods for building and sustaining a compelling research agenda. The CORPS will identify and pursue appropriate grants, share proposal drafts, and develop funding strategies for the post-start up, pre-external grant period. The CORPS is open to all junior faculty and to more senior faculty with sustained research activities.
Moderators: Thomas Landerholm (Biological Sciences) and Shannon Datwyler (Biological Sciences)
Meeting Schedule: TBD

Risk and Society
The goal of this FSC is to enhance both the teaching and the research by CSUS faculty on the risks of hazards posed to society. A goal of the FSC is to provide an environment for faculty to enhance their understanding of risks of hazards posed on society, gain ideas and make plans for future scholarly work, and make useful personal and professional connections. The plan is to accomplish this through the development, execution, and synthesis of three half-day intensive meetings with an outside expert. During these meetings, FSC participants will meet with the expert to discuss scholarship in the field of risk and society. Each half-day meeting will culminate in a guest lecture presented by the expert to FSC participants as well as to students and other interested individuals.
Moderator: Richard Armstrong (Civil Engineering)
Meeting Schedule: TBD


Actionable Research in Poverty, Housing and Homelessness 
This Faculty Scholarship Community will provide a space for faculty across disciplines to critique and reflect on recently published academic journal articles; receive and provide feedback regarding working papers; and engage with invited experts on poverty, housing and homelessness from the Sacramento region. The group will collectively discuss recently published articles on the intersection of poverty, housing and homelessness and provide feedback to members’ research in progress. Additionally, once per semester, the FSC will also invite an expert from the community who can help contextualize challenges or debates discussed in the group in an effort to bridge policy and research. The group will also provide a space for consideration of potential collaborations including a joint research project or manuscript.
Moderators: Susanna Curry (Social Work), Tyler Arguello (Social Work), and Arturo Baiocchi (Social Work)
Meeting Schedule: Third Wednesday of each month from 1-3pm, starting September 19th

Current Conversations in LGBTQ Studies
This FSC focuses on the interdisciplinary field of scholarship that positions sexuality as a crucial category of investigation in the humanities and social sciences. While much scholarship within LGBTQ studies focuses on the study of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer lives and communities, the field is also invested in interrogating normative constructions of sexuality and gender as they intersect with constructions of race, class, disability, and nationality. LGBTQ studies thus situates non-normative sexualities and genders as central to understanding how sexuality and gender inform – and are informed by – social, political, and economic institutions, historically and in the present day. The Current Conversations in LGBTQ Studies would be a thematically-based FSC intended to bring together faculty from departments across campus whose research interests include the study of sexuality, gender, and culture. 
Moderator: Tristan Josephson (Women's Studies)
Meeting Schedule: TBD

Erasing Borders: Research in Latin American Studies
The purpose of this Faculty Scholarship Community (FSC) is to continue the process of building and developing a faculty cohort in Latin American Studies (LAS) at Sacramento State. The 2017-18 FSC (Crossing Borders: Research in Latin American Studies) collaborated in the planning for a Latin American Studies minor and also discussed future LAS programming at Sacramento State. This FSC has been expanded in scope in order to bring even more faculty together to share ideas for current and future research projects, consider programming possibilities and explore teaching strategies.
Moderators: Mark Ocegueda (History), Miguel Bota (World Languages & Literatures), and Christopher Castañeda (History)
Meeting Schedule: TBD

Interdisciplinary Writing Workshop on Immigration
This FSC aims to bring together interdisciplinary immigration scholars at Sacramento State to build community and develop their research writing projects. Participants will both present their writing in progress and receive feedback and discuss their publication goals and develop a meeting schedule that will serve their publication aims. The end goal for each member is to submit a manuscript for publication by the end of the FSC.
Moderators: Basia Ellis (Undergraduate Studies in Education) and Heidy Sarabia (Sociology)
Meeting Schedule: TBD

Write On: An Interdisciplinary Faculty Writing Community
Finding time for writing and scholarship is a persistent challenge for faculty, especially with heavy teaching loads and service expectations. This is particularly true for junior faculty who have multiple new teaching preparations, need to build a service record, and develop a research agenda. This Faculty Scholarship Community (FSC) will develop a supportive writing community of cross-disciplinary faculty focused on scholarship. The intent of the FSC is to provide support and accountability to faculty, of any rank, for their research and writing efforts. The goal of this FSC is for participants to produce peer-reviewed journal articles, external grant proposals, or other scholarly products.
Moderators: Lisa Romero (Doctorate in Educational Leadership), Amber Gonzalez (Child Development), and Sarah Ives (Math Education)
Meeting Schedule: TBD


2017-18 FSCs

List of 2017-18 FSCs