There are various stages in the IRB review and approval process and they will depend on the investigator's role on campus. The drop-down menu provides guidance for these various roles in the research review and approval process.

1. Training

Faculty Advisors of students conducting human subjects research must complete the CITI training before their student's application is reviewed by the IRB or department/college committee.

The IRB expects faculty advisors to be involved in the development of their student's research design and to assist with identifying risks and proper safeguards.

2. Review and Certify

Do Not Have Department/College Research Review Committee

If your department/college does not have a student research review committee that can review and approve Exempt research (see list below), your student will submit directly to the IRB by following the Investigator instructions on the Submit page.

IRB applications are to be submitted and reviewed on an online platform called Cayuse IRB. Once your student has completed and submitted their application, it will be sent to your Cayuse IRB profile for review and certification.

  1. Login to Cayuse IRB with your SacLink username and password.
  2. See the quick guide or video below for instructions on completing this certification.
Faculty Advisor Certification PDF Guide Video Guide


Have Department/College Research Review Committee

If you are in a department or college listed below, your student will follow the Undergraduate and Master's Student instructions on the Submit page.

If your student's research is determined by the committee to be exempt, the student can begin their research once the approval letter from the committee is received. If your student's research is non-exempt, they will be asked by the committee to submit an application through University IRB review using the online platform, Cayuse IRB (see Investigator instructions on the Submit page).

Please note: Some committees review more than human subjects research and such reviews are not related to IRB oversight.

A Departmental or College Research Review Committee (Committee) is the department level or college level Committee formed by department and college faculty that reviews exempt student research involving human subjects. These committees may only approve exempt student research when two or more members have received exemption determination certification.

Any reviews conducted by these committees that are not considered human subjects research do not fall under IRB authority.

1. Training

a.  All members of a department/college committee must complete the CITI training.

b.  A minimum of two members per committee must have Exemption Determination Certification. Certification is valid for two years. See the Workshop tab on the Training page for more information.

2.  Review and Approve


Department and College Research Review Committee Program: Definitions, Procedures, and Forms

Required Review Form

Committee Exemption Determination Form

Helpful Documents

Does the activity need review?
Exemption Descriptions
Exempt Student Research Approval Letter Template

Access to Cayuse IRB is available to Department Chairs/ College Deans where pending and active studies within their department can be viewed at any time. The IRB also requires Investigators to send a copy of their research proposals to the department chair, college dean (if the investigator is the chair) or office head once submitted to the IRB. This allows for open communication regarding activities occurring within the unit and mitigation of any conflicts of previous commitments made.

To access studies within your department:

  1. Login to Cayuse IRB here:
  2. Select My Role at the top left
  3. Click Org. Approver
  4. View studies by clicking their protocol number


1. Training

IRB Members must take the same CITI training as faculty, staff, and doctoral students, with the addition of any IRB member modules. Re-certification must occur every three years during their membership or involvement in human subjects research. New members also attend orientation to learn the review process on campus. 

2. Review and Approve

Sacramento State's IRB has moved to an online submission and review platform, called Cayuse IRB.

  1. Login to Cayuse IRB with your SacLink username and password
  2. For instructions on reviewing applications through Cayuse IRB, please view the quick PDF guide or video.
Review on Cayuse IRB PDF Guide

See Resources for the IRB Member Manual and Procedures.


Sacramento State’s IRB is composed of qualified faculty and staff based on several factors identified in the federal regulations. The university implements procedures for a three year rotation of membership and Chair positions. 


Brad Stockert, Physical Therapy

Vice Chair Gregory Hurtz, Psychology
Voting Members

Randy Mayes, Philosophy

Paul Kelly, Community Member

Katherine Kelly, Nursing

Ryan Getty, Criminal Justice

Katrin Mattern-Baxter, Physical Therapy

Darla Hagge, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Paolo Taboga, Kinesiology and Health Sciences

Albert Lozano, Education

Shawna Malvini-Redden, Communication Studies, Alternate