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The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a body of faculty and staff who review research proposals and ensure they adhere to ethical standards and federal regulation for the protection of human participants. The drop-down menu provides guidance for various roles in the submission process.

Once you have determined that your research needs review, please find your status below for specific guidance with the submission process.


1. Required Training

Complete the required training if you have not done so within the last three years.

2. Submit Application


First Time Users: Email with: 1) your 9-digit campus ID number, 2) your CSUS email address, and 3) your department. Access will not be available until the day following email confirmation.

a) Login to Cayuse IRB with your SacLink username and password  (Internet Explorer is not supported. Please use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.)

b) Use the quick guides below for your initial submission, or for other types of submissions

Submission Type

Software Quick Guide  

Software Quick Video 

Application Question Guide

First Submission (First-Time Use) PDF Video PDF
Revise and Resubmit PDF Video
Post-Approval Requests/Reports PDF Video

3. Resources

Application guidance and informed consent form templates are available in the Cayuse IRB form. If you would like to access these resources from our webpage, please go to Resources.


1. Required Training

Complete one of the training courses offered for Undergraduate and Master's Student Investigators.

2. Submit Application

If your department is not listed below, you will submit directly to the IRB and must view the Investigators tab above for first-time user access to the application software, Cayuse IRB.

Departments/College with its own Committee:


3. After Review

a) If your department committee approves your research as Exempt, you may begin your study. Any further communications about your study are to be directed to your department committee.

b) If your department committee determines your research is Non-Exempt, you must submit to the university IRB for regulatory review (Expedited or Full Board). See the Investigator tab above for online submission procedures. Any post-approval inquiries are to be directed to the university IRB.

For assistance and more information regarding your department’s review process

Ask your advisor
Ask the Committee Chair of your department, listed below

Social Work

Maria Dinis


Lisa Harrison

College of Education

Patrick Pieng and Mae Chaplin;


Kikuko Omori

1. Required Training

Co-Investigators engaged in human subjects research must complete training. This includes investigators who will be obtaining consent from participants, collecting data from participants, and/or analyzing identifiable data.

Faculty Advisors of students conducting human subjects research must complete the CITI training before their student's application is reviewed by the IRB or department/college committee.

The IRB expects faculty advisors to be involved in the development of their student's research design and to assist with identifying risks and proper safeguards.

2. Provide Certification

When you are listed as a Co-Investigator or Faculty Advisor on an application, you will need to provide certification, which is like your signature, before it can be submitted to the IRB.

  1. Login to Cayuse IRB with your SacLink username and password. (Can't access Cayuse? Email your 9-digit campus ID to for profile creation.)
  2. Use the quick guides below for providing Co-Investigator certification
Co-Investigator Certification PDF Guide  Video Guide

When investigators from different institutions are working together on a human subjects research proposal, an agreement can be made between the two IRBs. This agreement has two purposes:

1) It establishes the IRB that will review, approve, and monitor the research and the IRB that will rely on the other's review, approval, and monitoring.

2) It requires the submission of the approved IRB application, IRB approval letter, and training certifications from the reviewing IRB to be submitted to the relying IRB with the signed agreement.

This requires communication between the researchers and their IRBs to establish verbally which IRB will review before an agreement can be completed. After a reviewing IRB is determined, that IRB will review and approve the study. After approval is received from the reviewing IRB, the agreement can be signed and submitted to the relying IRB with the approved IRB application, approval letter from the IRB, and training certifications. 

If you are uncertain if your research requires an agreement, please review the Cooperative Research and External Investigator Guide below for definitions and direction.

Cooperative Research Agreement Form Cooperative Research Agreement
Cooperative Research Definitions and Guidance Cooperative Research and External Investigator Guide

Please contact if you need assistance with determining the reviewing IRB or determining if your research requires an agreement.

If you are not affiliated with Sacramento State, but would like to recruit on campus for participants, please submit your IRB approval letter to

If you will be working with a Sacramento State affiliate on a research project that will involve our affiliate in obtaining consent, collecting data, and/or analyzing identifiable data, please see Cooperative Research above.

Cooperative Research and External Investigator Guide