• To improve public health in California by conducting high-quality, policy impactful research.
  • To support and extend the University’s research expertise and capabilities.
  • To provide the opportunity for students to gain professional experience conducting research.


To be an accessible public health research resource for the public, Sacramento State, the state of California, and other researchers which provides an accurate and reliable representation of important health concerns in California.

To provide students the ability to expand their knowledge and learn in depth information about conducting research and working in a professional setting.  

About Us

In 2014, the Public Health Survey Research Program (PHSRP) was founded by California State University, Sacramento (CSUS) and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to align their research needs. We focus on expanding CSUS’s research capabilities by conducting high-quality, policy impactful research.

 Our main focus is to conduct research that increases our understanding of people’s health behaviors and needs. We provide researchers with a variety of services from survey development and programming, to database collection & management, and data analysis. Through our research, we provide policy makers with the data they require to make evidence-based decisions.

As a CSUS research program, we provide undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to be involved in the applied research and professional setting. We prepare students for their careers through the valuable, real-world experience.

It is our mission to improve public health through research, to support and extend the research capabilities of CSUS, and to provide students valuable, real-world experience in the applied research and professional setting. 

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