PHSRP provides high quality, public health research services for individuals and organizations. We are proud of the services that we provide here at PHRSP and welcome opportunities to partner with other researchers. If you would like to partner with PHSRP or utilize our services, please contact the PHSRP Director, Julia Tomassilli, at

Our most prominent service is our 47 station, English/Spanish bi-lingual, Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) call center. Over 80% of our interviewing staff are bi-lingual in English and Spanish. Our CATI call center is an attractive service because of the high volume of telephone interviews we can conduct. While we currently conduct interviews in English and Spanish, we have the ability to conduct interviews in a multitude of languages. In addition to our CATI call center, we also provide a wide range of research services including:

    • Research development and implementation
    • We can provide assistance at all levels of research development including early conceptualization, grant writing, questionnaire design, data collection, database management, and data analysis.
    • Focus groups
    • In person interviews and surveys
      • Interviewer- or self-administered
      • Internet and mobile research
      • Mailed paper surveys
    • Structured, semi-structured and open-ended interviews
      • In person or by phone
      • Evaluation studies
      • Generalizable sampling
      • Geo-targeted sampling
      • Multi-lingual research
      • And more!