Welcome to SacCT

A new SacCT 9.1 orientation course is available to all students. The course is comprehensive and will prepare you to use the new Blackboard Learning Management System (SacCT 9.1). It is self-paced and you are free to navigate in the course. If you would like to view the orientation course, follow these instructions:

Steps to Self-Enroll:

  1. Login to SacCT 9.1
  2. Navigate to the Courses Tab
  3. Enter "student orientation" in the Course Search field.
  4. Find the course name "Fall 2011: Bb 9.1 Student Orientation"
  5. Next to the Course ID number (DEV-BB91-VERO) click the Action Button and then click Enroll. That's it!!!

Enjoy the course :)

SacCT Collaboration Tools

When accessing the Virtual Classroom or Chat features of the Collaboration toolset, the Java applet pop-up hangs endlessly (Windows OS) or gives an error message that the “Application failed to run” (Mac OS X).   We are in the process of researching and resolving this issue.  In the meantime, if these tools are necessary for course participation, the instructor may consider using Collaborate as an alternative.

NOTE:  The Collaboration Tools within SacCT are not supported for Mac OS 8 and 9 users.