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SacCT Template


A SacCT Template is now available to faculty to use as a starting point to develop their online or hybrid course(s). The template provides pre-set areas such as a course welcome and getting started page, an introductory module structure to add content, example SacCT elements from other instructors, and a course menu featuring key tools and resources.

Access a SacCT Template Course

There are two main steps steps you must complete to gain access to a SacCT Template course.

  1. Add yourself to the course through Self Service.
  2. Copy the template to your course(s).

Add a Template Course Through Self Service

  1. Navigate to the  Self Service ( webpage.
  2. Click the Log In link. Login with your Saclink username and password.
  3. Select the "Click here for Template Course Access" link to view and access a list of available template courses.

  1. The "Add yourself to a Template Course" page will display.
  2. From the "Choose a template below" section, click the Add Me button to the left of the template course name.

  1. You will be added to the course with the “Template Copy” role, which provides you only read and copy access to the course.
  2. A confirmation message will display letting you know you have been added to the template course.

The template course will be available for you to access from your My Courses list in SacCT and will be grouped under the ‘Template’ course term. You can then proceed to copy the template content into any of your current term course(s).

If you experience an issue adding a SacCT template course, please contact

Copy a SacCT Course Template

To copy the SacCT Template content into your newly created course, first open the SacCT Template course.

  1. Login to SacCT  with your Saclink username and password.
  2. On the My SacCT page locate the My Courses module/box and open the Template Course.

  1. The SacCT Template course home page will display.

  1. From the Control Panel menu, on lower left hand side, select Packages and Utilities. Click Course Copy.

  1. The Copy Course page will display.
  2. From the Select Copy Type section, the Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course will already be pre-selected.

  1. Under the Select Copy Options section locate the Destination Course ID field. Click the Browse option.
  2. The Courses window will display a list of courses available to select from. Courses may be listed on several pages, click the Show All button on bottom right to see all courses on one page.
  3. Select the radio button to the left of the course name, you would like to copy the Foundation Template to (i.e. current semester course). Click Submit.

  1. Back on the Copy Course page, the Destination Course ID field, will display the course you have selected to copy content into.
  2. From the Select Course Materials area, click the Select All button.
    1. Alternatively, Select All button, but deselect tools you may not be interested in using.

  1. Under the File Attachments section, leave the default option “Copy links and copies of the content (include entire course home folder)” selected.
  2. Click Submit.
  3. You will be returned to the Packages and Utilities page where a confirmation message will display, “Success: Course copy action queued. An email will be sent when the process is complete.” It may take a couple of minutes for content to be copied.
  4. Click the My SacCT tab to return to your My Courses list. Open the course you copied the Foundation Template to (i.e. current term course).
  5. A confirmation message above the course will inform you whether the copy process is “Running” or “Complete.”

  1. Edit your course as needed.

Edit Your Course

A SacCT course template may contain several pre-set elements including course menu links and headings, content areas/pages, a module/folder structure, instructions and resources for instructor. When you copy a template into your course, you will need to edit the course elements to meet the course objectives and needs of learners.

The following are recommendations for editing some of the elements in the CTL SacCT Course Foundation template.

Organize the Course Menu

All new SacCT courses you create through Self Service, will by default contain a course menu with several links including: Home Page, Information, Content, Discussions, Groups, Tools and Help.

When you copy over materials from a SacCT Template (i.e. example shown is the CTL SacCT Course Foundation Template) into a new course, that content will be added onto what is already in the course. For example, the menu links from the template course will be added below the new course menu.

Organize the course menu by hiding or removing any menu options you will not be using. To hide or delete a link on the course menu follow these steps:

  1. Locate and point to the link you would like to hide or delete.
  2. Click the on the drop-down arrow to the right of link name.
  3. Select Hide Link option, to hide the link from student view but keep for later use.

  1. The hidden indicator will display to the right of link name.

  1. Alternatively, select the Delete option. The Are you Sure? prompt will display. Click the Delete content option.
  2. Click Delete button again to confirm deletion of link. Link will be removed from course menu.

You can also change the order of links on the course menu by dragging and dropping links to a different location.

Template Instructions

Throughout the CTL SacCT Course Foundation template course, you will see items titled Note to Instructor and instructions for different elements in red text.

These instructions can be found across several content areas including the Getting Started, Syllabus and Policies, Instructor Bio, and Assignments areas and Modules 1-3.

As you begin editing your course, refer to the Note to Instructor to understand the purpose of the content area/page and follow the instructions to begin editing the content area. In addition, read and follow the instructions in red that are provided across different elements on the page.

Please Note: Eventhough the Notes to Instructor across the template are set to be hidden from student view we recommend that you delete them. Instructions (red text) in folders, items or other elements should also be removed after completing your edits.

Delete the Note to Instructor by following these steps:

  1. Point your cursor to the Note to Instructor. Click the drop down arrow that displays to the right.
  2. Select the Delete option. Click OK to confirm deletion of item.

Remove Instructions (red text) from an item or other element by following these steps:

  1. Locate the item (item, folder, other element) that contains red text instructions.
  2. Point to the item with your cursor, from drop down menu select Edit.

  1. The Edit Item page will display. The text editor will contain the instructions/red text.
  2. To remove the red instructions, highlight the text you would like to remove and hit the Delete or Back button on your keyboard.
  3. Replace instructions with your information. Use the text editing tools to format text as needed.
  4. Click Submit to save changes.


Each SacCT Template course will vary thus, refer to the instructions provided within the template for information about content to include in your course.