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Featured Video - Course Copy

Learn how to copy content from one course to another in SacCT .

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Course Content Management

Social Learning Tools

The Global Learning Network provides new social learning tools that students and instructors can use to communicate and collaborate with other users in our campus and other campuses using Blackboard Learn. These tools include:

  • User Profile - Create your online academic identity which includes a profile wall to communicate, message and follow other users in your network.
  • People Tool - Find students and peers in our campus or other institutions using Blackboard Learn.
  • Messages - Send a quick message to users in your network.
  • Spaces - Create an area to collaborate with other users in your network. Instructors can create a space to share best practices or collaborate with other departments. Students can use spaces to communicate and collaborate with common interests such as a group project or social club.

Watch About Social Learning Tools video to learn more.

Last updated: May 12, 2017