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SacCT: System Issues & Resolutions

Issues with the SacCT system are listed on this page. Specific issues that affect only Mac users can be found on the Mac Issues page; while specific issues that only affect Windows users can be found on the Windows Issues page - see links above.


Chrome : Java Disabled for Multiple Files Upload

Problem Description: Recent updates to Google Chrome web browser (versions 45 and later) has disabled the use of Java. The SacCT feature that no longer works in Chrome is the Multiple Files Upload.

Resolution: For Chrome users who need to use this feature, please use another browser, such as Firefox.

Firefox : Enabling Flash

Problem Description: A recent update of the Firefox web browser (version 39) prevents Adobe Flash content from running automatically by default. Users trying to view Adobe Flash content such as interactive publisher content will see a prompt asking them to "Activate Adobe Flash."

Resolution: Please read about Viewing Flash Content in Firefox Browser for instructions on how to enable Adobe Flash in Firefox.

Removing Manually Created Calendar Events

Problem Description: For users who create SacCT calendar entries manually, the manually created events cannot be deleted from within a SacCT course’s calendar

Resolution: If you need to delete a course calendar event, please use the Calendar tool from the Global Navigation Menu instead by following these steps.

Java Issue: Unable to Launch Collaborate Sessions or Recordings

Problem Description: Collaborate users that have installed Java 7 Update 51 or Update 55 may see the "Unable to launch the application" or "Application Blocked by Security Settings" error(s) display when attempting to join a session and/or watch a recording.

Please follow the instructions that correspond to your operating sytem below:

Java Issue: Option for SacCT Built-in Chat & Multiple File Uploads in Content Collection

Problem Description: If you have already installed Java 7 update 51 and are experiencing problems with Chat or Multiple File uploads you will need to uninstall Java 7 Update 51 and reinstall an earlier version of Java 7, such as Java 7 update 45.

  1. Uninstall Java –
  2. Reinstall an earlier version of Java – Java 7 Update 45

Link to Test in Hidden Folder May be Available

Problem Description: If a due date is assigned to a test and placed inside an unavailable folder, the test is shown on the Calendar tool. Students can access the test even though they cannot access the folder it is within. This also occurs when the folder has adaptive release rules that should prevent students from accessing it. Blackboard has identified this issue as a known system bug and will schedule a fix for a future service pack upgrade.

Resolution: Instructors can make the test not available (set 'Make the Link Available' to 'No') or remove the check from the box next to Due Date on the Test Options page.

Fill-in-the-Blank Test Question not Working when the Option "Contains" is Selected

Problem Description: Fill-in-the-Blank question is not working as expected when the option "contains" is selected. When an instructor creates the correct answer with no spaces and then submits the page with spaces in the correct answer and uses the Contains option, the question should work when answered but does not. Blackboard has identified this issue as a known system bug and will schedule a fix for a future service pack upgrade.

Resolution: Do not add additional spaces in the possible correct answer before or after the word(s). You may also try a different option than "Contains".

Blog and Journal Draft Entries Not Appearing with Needs Grading Icon in Full Grade Center

Problem Description: After students save a draft of a blog or journal entry that is to be graded, and then submit it, instructors do not see a Needs Grading icon in the Full Grade Center.

Resolution: This issue has been identified by Blackboard as a known bug and is scheduled to be fixed in a future service pack upgrade.

Course Menu Navigation is Reset to a Black Background

Problem Description: A couple of the problematic themes include Chalkboard, Pizzaz, Night, Angel. This may also affect the top navigation.

Resolution: This issue has been identified by Blackboard as a known bug and is scheduled to be fixed in a future service pack upgrade.

Multiple Response Exam without Correct Answers can be Saved and Posted

Problem Description: It is possible to create a Multiple Response type exam without selecting correct answers and make the exam available to students. Students can then login to take the exam which shows up under the Needs Grading section of the Grade Center. Unfortunately, the instructor is not warned that no correct answers were provided.

Resolution: This issue has been identified by Blackboard as a known bug and is scheduled to be fixed in a future service pack upgrade. We will keep you updated on the expected resolution timeline.

No Test Results Appear to Students when Using "After Attempts are graded" as only Option

Problem Description: On the Test Options page for a test, you set the "Show Test Results" section to "After Attempts are graded" as the first rule with no second rule. Unfortunately, no results appear to students after they submit their test attempt(s) and all submitted attempts for that test are graded.

Resolution: This issue has been identified by Blackboard as a known bug and will be fixed in a future release.
   If you want to use the option for "After Attempts are graded" as the first and only rule, you MUST manually enter a zero in the test column in the Grade Center for every student who did not take the test, and be sure that every student has a score in that column. Only after all students have a score will the results be visible to each student.
   Alternatively, you can set the first rule to "Äfter Submission" and check the boxes for your selection(s) for the results in that row; then, set the second rule to "After Attempts are graded" and check the boxes as needed to show your desired results. When using this option there is no need to enter zero for studnets that have not attempted the test.

Retention Center For "Ongoing" Courses Doesn't Work Properly

Problem Description:The Retention Center feature will not work properly for courses which have been requested to have "ongoing" availability to students. Ongoing courses are requested by instructors to allow their students to access the SacCT course beyond standard semester availability. If an instructor tries to view the Retention Center feature in these courses, it will indicate that either none or all of their students are highlighted for concern.

Resolution: For instructors with "ongoing" courses, please disregard any findings shown in the Retention Center.

Student View of Assignment Content Editor is missing "Add Image" button

Problem Description: When accessing an assignment as a Student, the "Insert Image" button does not appear in the Content Editor tool options. Two other features are also missing including "Insert File" and "Insert/Edit Embedded Media". Students do still have the ability to add an image as a file attachment through the Assignements interface.

Resolution: A workaround is to use the Journal feature instead of an Assignment, if you require a gradeable student submission that includes the insertion of an image through the content editor. Blackboard has identified the missing buttons in the Assignment content editor as a known bug which will be fixed in a future service pack upgrade.

Last updated: February 6, 2017