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Bb Grader

What is Bb Grader?

The Bb Grader app works with our Campus SacCT (Blackboard) system so that Faculty can view student assignment submissions for all courses they teach and grade assignments on the go. Courses where you have an instructor, teaching assistant, or grader role for at least one SacCT course, appear in the app and will display assignments to be graded if any are available for that course. In order to use Bb Grader, you will need iOS 7 + and iPad Air, iPad mini, or iPad 2, 3, or 4.

Bb Grader App in Action

Getting Started

Sac State Faculty and Staff can download the Bb Grader App for FREE.

Follow these steps to intall and begin using the Bb Grader app with SacCT:

  1. Download the application and install it on your device - See Bb Grader Quick Start page.
  2. After launching the app on your device, you will be asked to "Type your School's name". Type Sacramento or California State to pull up our campus name "California, State University Sacramento"
  3. Select our university and then click on the "Login" button that appears.
  4. Our campus SacCT login page appears.
  5. Login with your SacLink ID and password to access your SacCT courses with the Bb Grader app.


How to View Assignment Submissions

To view an assignment, tap on a course and the course page with the most recently submitted assignment will display in a grid format. Use the filter option above assignment grid to filter by "All" "To Do" or "Completed". Click on an assignment from the assignment grid, to display its submissions list page. Tap on the assignment title at the top center of submissions list page to reveal assignment details such as point value, due date, description. Use the drop down menu at top center of page to select another course with assignments to grade if needed.

Bb Grader Assignment List

The progress bar will display color "green" for any sent grades to Blackboard grade center and the color "black" for any grades that still need to be sent (unsent grades).

Bb Grader Assignment bar view

A green check mark displays for submissions that have a grade sent to blackboard grade center. A gray transparent check mark indicates that grade has been saved as draft but has not been sent to Blackboard grade center.

Red "Missing submissions" text displays below student/group name for students who have not yet submitted to the assignment.

Instructor can tap a student name from submissions list page to open submission detail page and begin to grade assignment.

How to Grade Assignment Submissions

To grade an assignment, tap on a student name from the submissions list page. The student’s assignment will display in the inline viewer. Use the zoom in and out buttons to adjust view of assignment as needed. Use the comment button to enter your annotations directly from the inline viewer. Tap the pencil icon on the top right of screen to open the grade panel. On the grade panel enter the grade or use an available rubric to grade the assignment automatically. Enter any feedback to student in the feedback box or leave an audio or video note. Be sure to tap the save draft button to save your work and tap the send grade button once you are ready to post grade in SacCT.

In the grading panel, instructors can tap the grading notes tab and tap in the text box area to type their notes. These notes are visible only to other instructors/graders and to the instructor typing notes.

Bb Grader Assignment View Grade panel

Use the “Attempt” dropdown at top right of page to see all attempts made by student.

If a rubric was attached to the assignment, tap the grid/rubric icon to grade the assignment by use of the rubric.

Bb Grader Assignment View Rubric

Instructor can grade an assignment with single attempt from student, anonymous grading. Any identifiable information of student will be removed from submissions listing page in Bb Grader. A number displays in lieu of student's name.

How to Grade Group Submissions

To grade group submissions, go to submission details page for group assignment submission and tap on grade icon to open grading panel. Enter a score in the grade box that displays in panel. To assign individual scores to each group member Instructor can tap the group member slide out. Tap the grade area next to a group member’s name and enter a score. 

Bb Grader Assignment View Group Information Panel

How to Send Grades to Blackboard (SacCT)

To send/sync grades to BlackBoard (SacCT) grade center for assignments you have completed grading for, from submissions listing page, tap the "Send Graded" button on top right of page.. To send individual student grades for an assignment, from submissions listing page, scroll to a student submission, swipe left and select Send Grade. Alternately tap submission to view submission and tap the Send Grade option from grade panel.

Bb Grader Submissions Listing page Sending Grades

How to Email/Notify Students

Some features of the Blackboard Retention center are integrated with Bb grader through the "student risk profile". From submissions listing page, Instructor can swipe to the left on the assignment submission and then tap the "risk profile" option to view a Risk Profile for the student, view student activity, communication history, and access alerts. To send an email to a student, from Risk Profile dialog box, tap on the "notify student" option to send an email. From Risk Profile Dialog box, tap on the "Add Note" option to type a private note about student. Save it for later review.

Bb Grader Submissions Listing page Risk Profile location



Bb Grader is designed to provide inline viewing of student assignments, and to grade, annotate and provide feedback to students on assignments. Please keep in mind the following limitations when working with Bb Grader:

For Faculty

  • BB Grader does not support delegated grading. Therefore, assignments that have been set up to have delegated grading enabled are not displaying for Instructor, TA or Grader roles. To grade the delegated assignments, please use a computer (desktop or laptop) as an alternative.
  • An annotated PDF cannot be downloaded from within BB Grader inline viewer area of submission details page. However, you can login to your SacCT course through a computer to access assignment and download the annotated PDF file.
  • According to Bb Grader Feature Guide, instructors cannot add text annotations for the HTML type assignment submissions. If you need to add text annotations to assignment submissions, please have your students submit supported formats (PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, PNG, JPG) for the assignment submissions.

For Students

  • If a rubric or rubrics are associated to an assignment, students will only be able to see the rubric set to be used for grading and will only see it if instructor has made it visible for student view.

For more information please refer to the "BB Grader: Important Notes for Faculty Handout."