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Blackboard App

What is Blackboard App?

The Blackboard App app works with our campus SacCT(Blackboard) system so that students can view course content such as files and items, recieve updates about work due, take assessments (quizzes/exams), submit assignments and review submissions, view course grades and individual assignment/assessment grades all from an iOS, Android or Windows mobile device. Compatible device versions are iOS 8+, Android 4.0.3+, Windows 8.1+ (on phone or tablet devices).


Getting Started

Sacramento State students can download this app for FREE.

Follow these steps to intall and begin using the Blackboard App app with SacCT:

  1. Download the application and install it on your device - See Blackboard App Quick Start page.
  2. After launching the app on your device, you will be asked to "Type your School's name". Type Sacramento or California State to pull up our campus name "California, State University Sacramento"
  3. Select our university and then click on the "Login" button that appears.
  4. Our campus SacCT login page appears.
  5. Login with your SacLink ID and password to access your SacCT courses with the Blackboard App app.


The Blackboard App Main page provides five main areas to use to navigate course content: Avatar/Profile, Activity Stream, Courses, Grades and Due Dates.


The main page in Blackboard App displays your student profile picture or avatar. If you created your profile and added your picture in SacCT through a computer, you will see your avatar (image) and name in Blackboard App. See how to "Set up your Profile in Blackboard"). When clicking on your avatar, tiles will  show which schools you attend next to your profile information.

Profile view and tiles

Activity Stream

When you first log into Blackboard App, the Activity Stream displays content in the following order: Important (recent posted announcements), upcoming (items coming due soon), Today (content posted today e.g. posting of test, assignment, item, files or content due today), and Recent (content posted in the last few days). The stream displays content for all courses you are enrolled in.

From Activity stream you can read and dismiss announcements, tap on course name links to go directly to a course's "course content" homepage, tap on descriptions to new file, items, tests or assignments posted to be taken to that file or details and information page to start test or submit assignment. Read more on the Feature Guide page.

Activity stream in Bb Student


Tap on courses to display your Course List. "Current" courses display all courses you are enrolled in. Courses are color coded to help you distinguish courses throughout the app. Tap on a course name to view course content for that course. Once inside a course you can view and take exams or view items, files, and other content.

On the main course list page, swiping to the left will display the name of "completed" courses from previous semester/years. Those courses cannot be accessed; they are not active links. Swipe to the right to go back to current courses or to view upcoming courses.

Hide/Unhide Courses

Students can hide/unhide courses from their course list in Blackboard App. To hide/unhide courses, scroll to the bottom of your course list page, and tap the box that displays an eye icon and tells you how many courses are hidden (if none are hidden, this box will display "no hidden courses. tap to change". The Current list of courses will display with an Eye icon to the left, tap the eye icons to hide/unhide courses and tap the “Update” button to save changes. Please note that course information for hidden courses will not display in Grades or Activity stream pages.

Current course view in Bb StudentHide/Unhide feature in Bb Student

Please Note: This course list is the same list students see in the My Courses module/box when logged into SacCT from a computer. If student hides a course from view in the My Courses module, the course list on the app may not display the course that was hidden. Read more about the Course List page.


Tap a course from course list to start viewing content. If your instructor has set up discussions, you can view and participate in discussions through Blackboard App. To get started, from Base Navigation Tap on Courses, tap on a course name, then swipe right (or tap left arrow next to course content header) to open discussion board using apps built in discussion tool.

Forum topics appear as folders along with a number which represents number of threads in forum. Tap a folder to view threads, Threads will display a number for any replies if any. Tap thread to view content and replies. The following are images of the different discussion board views.

Discussions listDiscussion info

Students can create a post to a forum topic. Tap a forum folder and then tap "Start a Thread". Type your message and tap "start now" to post thread. Reply to an existing thread by tapping on thread and tap "Add Reply" to type message and tap "Add reply" again to post it for class to read.

Student can Use the "Edit" button to edit a submitted post and repost. Tap a thread that you created and use the edit button to go back into post and edit and resubmit. Grayed out edit option means the feature is not made available by instructor.

Students can view their grades by accessing the main discussions page, swipe right to view grades for all of your discussion contributions. Tap on one of the posts to view your post, instructor feedback and other grading criteria.


Students can view and submit assignments through the Blackboard App app. From Base navigation page, tap on courses and then go to assignments area in the course. Tap on an available assignment to view the details and information page that includes the assignment title, due date, number of attempts available, whether submissions are accepted late, any attachments, associated rubrics and instructions.

Assignments can be submitted by attaching a file or typing directly into the available text field. Assignments can be saved as a draft and resumed at a later date as long as the due date has not passed.

If attaching a file, you can attach directly from your google drive, dropbox or other area on your device.

Assignment view in Bb Student

One you have submitted your assignment and it has been graded by your instructor, you can access the Grades and Submissions page for an Assignment by tapping on assignment and tapping on arrow to right of Details and Information header. You will be able to see faculty comments and feedback by going to a submitted assignment that has been graded, from details and info page, swipe left.

Grade and submissions view of assignment


View and take tests in Blackboard App. Start by tapping on a course and go to the tests area of the course and tap on an available test to see its Details and Information page.

To start an attempt for a test, swipe the attempt bar (black bar) at the bottom of the page. Exams that are set up to be timed will display a timer for student while taking exam in app.

Test Details and Information PageQuestion view of a test

Test Results and Feedback for a test become available after the test is submitted or graded or on due date. Instructor determines what test results will be released to students and when these will be released.

Test Results page in Bb Student


Videos posted to a course using Media Site, YouTube Mashup Tool or uploaded directly to course can be viewed within app. Some videos may need to open in a separate browser window. Start by going to location in course where video was posted, and click on the video link to view the video.

Videos area in a Bb student courseMedia Site video as viewed in Bb Student


Tap on Grades to see your overall grade for each course you are enrolled in SacCT. If you tap on the grade for a class, a list of all graded content e.g. assessments, assignments, discussions for that course displays. Tapping on a grade will open the details and information page for the assignment/tests. Grades for content that is not an exam or an assignment will still display but you cannot tap on them to view details.

Bb Student Grades page

This view of Grades is the same as if you were accessing it through the Global navigation menu "My Grades" icon from SacCT on a computer. Read more about Grades in Blackboard App.

Due Dates

Tap on Due Dates to display a calendar with list of items coming due. Items due are color coded by course and tapping on an item in list will take you to Details and information page for that item.

Bb Student Due Dates Page

Please note, due dates will only display Tests and/or Assignments that are due. Other content that may be due e.g. a Discussion board post or Journal, will not display in the Due Dates area.

Push Notifications

The Blackboard App app offers the push notification feature where reminders will pop up on device for new announcements, tests (new tests, test grades, due dates, overdue tests) content and grades. Students should be able to edit what notifications they wish to receive for a course. Log in to SacCT, from global navigation, select settings, edit notifications.

To enable this feature on your device, locate the "notifications" area on your device, select to turn on/off notifications for Blackboard App App.


Blackboard App is designed to help you stay on task with exams or assignments and other content posted to a course, however, there are limitations

For Students

  • New content posted may not appear immediately to a student if he/she is logged into the app already. Log out and log back in to app to refresh activity stream area and in individual course areas.
  • Tests, Assignments and Discussions open within Blackboard App interface. Other content such Journals, Blogs, Wikis and Course Messages, etc. will open in a view comparable to what you see in a browser. Content can still be completed within this browser view but you may need to zoom in to view content more effectively.
  • Tests with the following question types can be taken within Blackboard App: Multiple Choice, True / False, Either / Or, Short Answer, and Essay. If tests contain other question types, Blackboard App directs you to a browser view to complete the test.
  • Test Exceptions added to an exam by instructor to allow for extra time or to retake exam, will not apply/work if student accesses exam in Blackboard App app. The test exception will only work if student accesses the exam through SacCT on a computer (desktop or laptop) through a regular browser window.
  • The “Save Draft” option when composing discussion threads is not available through the Blackboard App app. If you need to save a draft when composing discussion threads, please Log in to SacCT course from a computer (desktop or laptop) as an alternative.

For more information, please refer to the "Blackboard App Important Notes for Students Handout."

For Faculty

  • Faculty should not expect to be able to upload course content; build tests, quizzes or surveys; grade assignments; or adjust Grade Center options through Blackboard App.
  • Tests with the “One at a time” and “Prohibit Backtracking” options will not apply/work if student accesses exam in Blackboard App app.
  • Blackboard App does support adaptive release of content, where instructors can release content only to students who meet certain criteria. The criteria are date, grade, or student membership in a group or list created by the instructor.

Blackboard App is a mobile application created and maintained by Blackboard. Sacramento State has no control of the application’s offerings. The current release allows access to limited features and tools within Blackboard. This application is frequently updated (like any mobile application) and new functionality will be offered as Blackboard improves this service.

Last updated: July 18, 2017