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Mobile Apps

Currently Blackboard offers three mobile apps that may be of interest to you. Please see associated descriptions and links for each below.

Sacramento State has purchased the "Institutional License" for all campus users, to use the Blackboard Mobile Apps below so you do not need to purchase the "personal license" app.

Blackboard App (For Students)

The Blackboard App app works with our campus SacCT(Blackboard) system so that Students can view course content, recieve updates about work due, take assessments (quizzes/exams), submit assignments and review your submissions, view course grades and individual assignment/assessment grades all on-the-go.

Bb Instructor (For Faculty)

Blackboard Instructor is a mobile app that enables Faculty to view course content, connect with students in discussions, and interact with your class in Blackboard Collaborate. The app is available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Bb Grader (For Faculty)

The Bb Grader app works with our Campus SacCT (Blackboard) system so that Faculty can view student assignment submissions for all courses they teach and grade assignments on the go. For more information use the links below to visit their website.

Getting Started

Follow these steps to begin using the Mobile Apps app with SacCT .

  1. Download the applicationand install it on your device - visit
    the App Store on iTunes or Google Play to get the app, search by app name as appropriate.
  2. After launching the app on your device, search for "sacramento" to locate California State University, Sacramento.
  3. Select our university and the SacCT login page appears.
  4. Login with your SacLink ID and password to access your SacCT courses with the Mobile Apps app.

Last updated: August 1, 2017