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Issues with the SacCT Mobile Learn Application will be listed on this page.

Although tests can be taken on mobile devices via the Mobile Learn app, we recommend that you NOT create mobile tests using the Mobile Compatible Test option in SacCT due to the following limitations.

Discussions, Blogs, and Announcements do not display embedded hyperlinks properly

Problem Description: Any feature within a SacCT course that faculty use the Content Editor for adding embedded hyperlinks to files, external websites, videos, textbook publishers, or mashups will not display the hyperlink properly within the Mobile Learn Application. Students may see an unclickable version of the link, css code, or extraneous text describing features of the embedded content.

Resolution: If you experience this problem, choose the option to View in Browser. This option displays the content in a new window with hyperlinks that display and function properly.

Mobile platform: iOS devices, Android devices (not verified)