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Deleting Browser and Java Cache

If you are having difficulty viewing content in your SacCT course(s), you may need to clear (delete) the temporary files from your browsers and the computer's Java cache.

How to clear a Web browser's temporary files

Visit this website to delete the temporary files (cache) from your browsers.

How to Clear the Java Cache

Follow the steps at this webpage to delete the temporary files in your computer's Java cache.

Navigation or "Page not Found" Error in Internet Explorer

If you receive an error in Internet Explorer that states, "navigation to the webpage was canceled" or "page not found", the browser attempted to display content from a non-secure server - a site outside SacCT where you do not need to login. To correct this error, you have two choices: option 1, click 'no' when prompted again to display all content; and option 2, edit your security settings in the browser. See Navigation Error tutorial for more information.


Last updated: February 6, 2017