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With SacCT Self Service, faculty can personally setup their own SacCT course(s), add content, and enroll students at their own convenience.

If you are considering crosslisting your courses where multiple sections of the same course or multiple interdisciplinary courses are combined into one course, please review these crosslisting details before proceeding in the Self Service process.

This self paced tutorial will go step by step through the three main activities required to get your course(s) ready for use. It's not necessary to complete all three sections at one time, but please remember to go in the order listed:

  1. Activate course(s)
  2. Add course content
  3. Enroll students

Please note: Adding course content prior to enrolling students is not absolutely necessary in SacCT . We recommend that you add content before enrolling students simply to prevent premature access to course materials.

A. Activate course(s)

  1. Open a web-browser, then type the line below in the address bar:

    type in the address bar: http colon slash slash s e l f s e r v i c e dot c s u s dot e d u

  2. Once you see the "Welcome to SacCT Self-Service tool" page, please read the information and then click the Log In link.

  3. Enter your Saclink username and password, then click the Login button.

    When you have successfully logged in, you will be taken to the "Welcome to SacCT Self-Service" page. This page enables you to select a semester for which you want to activate your SacCT course(s).

  4. Click the dropdown menu and then select a semester.

    sample list of semesters

  5. Click the Choose Term button

  6. Click a checkbox (you can select more than one at a time) for a corresponding course, and then click the Create Selected Courses in SacCT button.

    sample list of courses

    Upon clicking the Create Selected Courses in SacCT button, any courses which had a checked box next to them will now be listed as "Activated".

    Courses you check are created immediately and available in SacCT for you.

  7. Login to SacCT to view your newly activated course(s).
    Visit, and click the "Login" button. Using your SacLink account, log into SacCT to see if your new course(s) are in the Course List.

    When logging into SacCT, you will know when your course is ready if it is available within your Course List.

    Once the courses are visible in SacCT you may move onto section B.


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Add Course Content

Last updated: April 25, 2016