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Crosslisting is the process of merging two or more courses into one master course in SacCT. The merged sections (aka child courses) can be different sections of the same course or interdisciplinary courses that share the same curriculum.

The master course will actually contain the content and student enrollments for all of the merged sections. A master course is generally the same name as your child course without the Section number unless you specify a different title.

An additional step is required in the Self Service process to implement a cross-listed course. Please see these details below:

  1. Submit a SacCT Crosslist Request form specifying the courses to be merged and if you want content copied to the master course.
  2. Continue to Step A of the Self Service process and activate your child sections.
  3. Wait until you receive notification that the crosslisting has been completed and proceed to Step B of the Self Service tutorial for adding course content into your master course.  (Note: If you asked for a course copy in the Crosslist Request form you won’t need to complete this step necessarily unless you have additional course materials to add).
  4. Proceed to Step C of the Self Service tutorial for enrolling students. You will have to add the enrollments to each of the individual child courses that were merged into the master course.

Please note, once you are logged in to SacCT you will still see the child sections in SacCT Course List in addition to the master course. The child courses will be marked as unavailable. You may hide the sub-sections in your list by clicking on the "Gear" icon in the Course List module, deselect the course name attribute from showing and then submit.


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Last updated: April 25, 2016