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B. Add course content

  1. If you haven't done so already, please log into SacCT .
    Visit, and click the Login button. Using your SacLink account, log into SacCT where you can now see your Course List.

  2. Click a link for one of your new courses. You may now add content and modify the course structure in your new "blank" course shell.

    Sac C T course list, listing all of your courses present and future.

  3. Alternatively, you may copy content from another of your courses in SacCT to your new course shell.

    Copy con
    1. To copy content into a newly activated blank course, first open the course that contains the content you would like to copy over.

    2. Under the Control Panel and Packages and Utilities, choose Course Copy.  You will only be able to Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.

    3. Browse and select the course you would like to copy content into (i.e. your new blank course)

    4. Select the check boxes next to the Course Materials listed, that you want copied over

    5. Click Submit

    The Course Copy process can take a few minutes to finish and depends on the amount of content you are copying. You will receive an email notification when this process has completed. Please wait an additional 10 minutes beyond receiving the notification to access the course in SacCT as this email verification is sometimes sent prematurely before the course copy process has completed.

  4. If the course you would like to copy from is not yet available in SacCT , please submit a Course Request form and specify which SacCT/WebCT course you want migrated.

  5. After adding content to a course you can either select another course, or log off.

    In the top header of SacCT 9.1, there are a few options to select. Two of interest are either: 1. "?" which opens Blackboard help pages. 2. "Log out" which allows you to move onto the next step in this Self Service tutorial.

    The Log out link is located in the upper right corner of the SacCT interface.

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Last updated: January 31, 2013