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Viewing Assignment Grades and Feedback after January 15, 2018

After January 15, 2018, the assignment submission preview that displays your attached Word or PDF document within the window, will no longer be available after you submit to an assignment, or when you view submission feedback and grade information from your instructor. You will still be able to see your assignment submission information like your attempt grade, instructor feedback and attempt submission date and time.

After I submit to an Assignment, What will I See?

After you submit to an assignment, you will see:

  • A green confirmation bar that informs you that your assignment is complete,
  • To the right of the page, in the grade panel, your submission attempt date and time information and a download button to download the original file submission.
  • The Inline Viewer area will no longer display a preview of your submitted document. Instead, you may see either a gray box and/or message that reads “Service Unavailable”.

Review Submission History Page

  • If the assignment allows for multiple attempts, you will also see a Start New button that you can click on to resubmit to assignment.

Start New button on Review Submission History page

How Will I Access Assignment Submission Grade and Feedback

You can access Assignment grades in SacCT via the My Grades page. If your instructor has not included a direct link on the course menu to My Grades, do the following:

  1. From the course menu, click on the Tools link.
  2. From the Tools page click on the My Grades link.
  3. The My Grades page displays several Tabs. Click on the Graded tab to locate assignments that have been graded by instructor.

My Grades page displaying graded assignments

  1. Locate the assignment you wish to review. If your instructor has included comments and/or attachments to your assignment submission, you will see a comment bubble icon that you can click to view comments

Feedback and Grades on My Grades Page

  1. Alternately, click on the assignment’s name to view grading details.  A Review Submission History page will open. 
  2. The Review Submission History page will display
    •  Attempt submission Date, Time and Grade,
    • Button to download the original file submission,
    • Feedback Comments and any attachments provided by instructor

Grade Panel information on Review Submission History page

Access My Grades from Global Navigation Menu

  1. On the SacCT page, in the upper right corner, click on your name to open the Global Navigation menu.
  2. Click on the My Grades icon.

My Grades button on Global Navigation menu

  1. This will open a My Grades page.  Use the Filter Results options and Custom button to select the course for which you want to see grade information.

Filter results on My Grades page

  1. The grade information for the course you selected will display on the right side of the page. Click the Graded tab to view grade information for assignments.
  2. Click on the assignment’s name to view grading details and/or comment bubble to see instructor feedback/attachments.

Locating assignment information on My Grades page