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Get a Saclink Account

Watch the Tutorial


Follow the Steps

  1. Navigate to the Saclink website
  2. Under the Create or Verify Your Account section, enter your Last Name, SacState ID or Last 4 Digits of SSN, and your Date of Birth
  3. Click Verify Your Identity
  4. On the following page, create a password and your personal security questions

Your Saclink Username and email address will display immediately after you complete the steps above.

Open University Students

Students in the Open University program are not admitted to the university but can attend regular university classes through the College of Continuing Education on a space available basis.

If you are an Open university student, follow the steps below to access SacCT courses:

  1. Submit your signed Open University Registration Form to the College of Continuing Education Records office in Napa Hall.
  2. Setup your Saclink Account online or visit the IRT Service Desk.
  3. Wait anywhere from 24-72 hours for your information to be updated into the system.
  4. Login to SacCT to access your course(s).

If you cannot login to SacCT after 72 hours, notify your instructor to send an e-mail to with the following information.

  • Student's Name and SacLink ID
  • Course Name and Section Number

You will be added to the SacCT course within 24 hours of receipt of that e-mail, Monday-Friday.

For more information visit the Open University website.

Computer and Browser Setup

Supported Browsers
View details about supported browsers and operating systems for SacCT use.

Browser Settings Guide
Refer to the Browser Settings Guide for instructions on enabling Javascript, Pop Ups and Cookies for your browser. Also learn how to clear your browser's cache, plugin/video and java script requirements for SacCT.

SacCT Known Issues
View a list of current issues with the SacCT system for Mac and Windows users.

Login to SacCT

Watch the Tutorial


Follow the Steps

Sacramento State website -

  1. Locate the Quick Links menu on top right of page
  2. Select Online Courses (SacCT)
  3. Click SacCT Login button
  4. Enter saclink username and password

MySacState Portal -

  1. From Log In box, enter saclink username and password.
  2. Click Log In
  3. Locate the SacCT (Blackboard) module/box on page, usually located near bottom of page
  4. Click the My SacCT (Blackboard) link to open SacCT or click on a specific course link under the My Course List