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Green residence hall earns gold


Sacramento State’s American River Courtyard received national energy efficiency recognition recently.

Sacramento State's American River Courtyard received national energy efficiency recognition recently.

The residence hall was certified LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) gold by the U.S. Green Building Council.

 "This is the first LEED-certified building on campus, and it's great that we received gold the first time out." says Victor Takahashi, director of facilities, planning and construction services for the University.

The four-story, 209,000-square-foot residence hall was built with sustainability in mind. "This was a team effort between the University, the architect, the builder and the engineers," Takahashi says.

The hall was designed and constructed using green concepts, building materials and technology. It has ozone-friendly refrigerants; energy efficient lighting, heating and air conditioning systems; water efficient fixtures; low polluting boilers and solar water heaters.

"American River Courtyard is the greenest building in the history of Sacramento State," says University President Alexander Gonzalez. "Its modern design, welcoming amenities and environmentally friendly features are enticing students to live on campus and positioning Sacramento State as a destination university for the 21st century."

Although the hall was completed in August 2009, the certification process takes about a year in part to allow it to go through a winter and summer cycle, Takahashi says.

The LEED certification is the latest award for the ARC. It was named the Best Public Project by the Sacramento Business Journal, received the Best Practice Award for Overall Sustainable Design from the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference and the Environmental Recognition Award from the Sacramento Environmental Commission. Earlier this year, Sacramento State received a $78,000 SMUD Rebate for energy efficiency for the ARC.

 Takahashi says the University hopes to hit gold again with the new 150,000-sqare-foot fitness and recreation center called The WELL, which opens Sept. 2. That facility also incorporates sustainable green engineering and energy-efficient systems. The University will find out how The WELL fares in summer 2011.

For more information on the LEED certification, contact Takahashi at (916) 278-7612.