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Sacramento State Arts: Come View our Talent



Welcome to Sacramento State’s College of Arts and Letters 2010-11Events Schedule. Mark your calendar so you can attend upcoming performances and exhibitions presented by faculty, students and staff. Designed to stretch the artistic skills of our students and entertain and enlighten audiences. Sac State: Leadership and Art begin here. 

You are invited to experience the Best of the Arts at Sac State.

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                             Department of Arts


The Department of Art has a long-standing reputation for the quality and diversity of its offerings and the experience of its instructors. Courses in art education, art history, and art studio promote creativity, visual literacy, and critical thinking. 

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Exhibition, Professors Nigel Poor and Doug Rice, Else Gallery, through Dec. 9

Student art exhibits, Witt and Else galleries, all year long

Art Ball, a campus-wide celebration, May 13 


                             Department of Design


The department of Design Prepares its students for a wide range of career opportunities in the fields of Graphic Design, Interior Design and Photography.



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                              Library Galleries 


The University Library’s two galleries seek exhibits and works that explore a wide variety of art forms in thought-provoking exhibits.




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“New Wave of Chinese Contemporary Art,” Library Gallery, Dec. 2, 2010-March 12, 2011 



                             Department of Music 



The Department of Music has a long and impressive history of presenting quality performances to the city and region,winning awards and accolades for many of its programs.






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        Opera Theatre , Dec. 1 and 3.

        Jazz Ensembles , Dec.2

       “Procession of Carols,” holiday favorite featuring Sac State’s three choirs, Dec. 4 and 5.

        String Project recital , Dec.13

                    Department of Theatre and Dance   


 The Department of Theatre and Dance provides a broad and thorough foundation in the history, theory, literature and practice of theatre and dance to students who wish to pursue post-graduate studies or join the profession.


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Dance Sites 2010,University Theatre ,Dec.15

No Se Paga ,Playwrights’ Theatre , March 3-6 and 9-13.

The Hobbit, Studio Theatre, April 28-May1 and May 4-8

Senior Dance Concert , Solano Hall 1010.May 4-8.

The Wiz ,University Theatre, April 8-10, 14-17 and 21-24


                        Sacramento State is the home of:


The Wayne Thiebaud Collection


Sacramento/Black Art of Dance


Festival of New American Music, free concerts, Nov. 4-14


Festival of the Arts, April 13-16


World Music Series


New Millennium Music Series