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Campus Safety Tips

In light of the recent incidents involving reports of sexual assault at Sacramento State, University Police and Student Affairs would like to make the campus community aware of safety measures and personal safety tips, and provide information about Victim Support Services.

In regard to enhanced safety, University Police have increased evening and night patrols.  In addition, Community Service Officers, who routinely patrol the campus, will provide rides in the golf cart or serve as escorts to students requesting assistance and are available by calling Public Safety at (916) 278-6851.  An additional security specialist from Folsom Hall will be available to safeguard students when possible.

Separately, the University is conducting a comprehensive safety review to enhance campus safety. Possible measures include installation of additional lighting and surveillance cameras throughout the campus.

Student Affairs provides Victim Support Services that include immediate response, usually in person, to provide counseling to victims. In addition, Student Affairs also offers ongoing medical and personal support through Student Health and Counseling Services and academic intervention services. In terms of proactive programs, Student Affairs coordinates a well-rounded, educational program that informs students about violence, sexual abuse and/or alcohol abuse during the mandatory freshman orientation, new Greek member education, new athlete orientation, and training for residential assistants. For full information about Victim Support Services, please call 278-3799.

In the meantime, the University Police Department recommends these safety tips to enhance personal safety while on campus:

  • Walk in groups or pairs when you are out at night.
  • Consider carrying a flashlight, whistle, or a cellular telephone when you go out.
  • Program the University Police dispatch number, 278-6851, into your cellular telephone.
  • Learn the location of the nearest emergency “blue” phones on your walking routes through the campus.
  • Utilize the Hornet Night Shuttle or contact the University Police for an escort when on campus at night. The Night Shuttle runs Monday through Thursday; from 5:30 to 11 p.m. Riders can contact the Night Shuttle at (916) 278-7260. The University Police can be contacted at (916) 278-6851.
  • Report any occurrence of inappropriate behavior, suspicious activity, or criminal acts to the University Police immediately. Delays in reporting only slow the investigation and lessen the chance of an arrest. Report such activity to University Police at (916) 278-6851
  • Don’t consume intoxicants to excess. An intoxicated person is much more vulnerable to criminals than a sober person.
  • Never place yourself into a situation in which you feel uncomfortable or would have difficulty removing yourself.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings, and always know where you are. Watch for suspicious people or vehicles, and go to a place of safety if approached by a suspicious person or vehicle.
  • When driving at night, stay on main streets. Don’t wander into neighborhoods you don’t know, keep your car doors locked, and let friends or relatives know you are on the road.
  • Never be afraid to make noise if you are attacked; yell, scream, and try to attract attention. The last thing an attacker wants is to have someone notice the attack.
  • Never give out personal information to someone you don’t know.