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Budget proposal points to cuts for Sac State


Gov. Jerry Brown released yesterday his 2011-12 budget proposal that includes a $500 million reduction in state support for the California State University.

The 18 percent reduction lowers funding to 1999-2000 levels, but the University is currently serving approximately 70,000 more students than it did then.

“We will need to look at every option in order to develop a comprehensive plan to address a reduction of this magnitude,” said California State University Chancellor Charles B. Reed.

While Sacramento State’s dollar reduction has not yet been determined, the University will continue to mitigate the impacts of declining state support.

“It is too early to determine specifically how this will affect our campus or our enrollment,” says President Alexander Gonzalez. “Our prudent planning over the last few difficult years has left us in relatively better shape to weather the next round of cuts.”

Sacramento State has worked to reduce expenses in the past through faculty and staff furloughs, energy savings programs, eliminating staff and management positions, keeping staff and management positions vacant, and reassigning positions to non-state funding. The campus did not commit the current year’s budget restoration to permanent spending, so future cuts will not be as large, and managed enrollment effectively so there weren’t too many or too few students.

Sacramento State was also named as one of the top ten of the 20 most efficient university campuses in the nation, measured in terms of campus spending per student.

For more information, visit Sacramento State’s Budget Central website at For media assistance, contact Sacramento State’s Public Affairs office at (916) 278-6156.