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Standout student researchers headed to Fresno


The Office of Research Administration (ORA) hosted the 25th annual Sacramento State Student Research Competition on March 12. Sixteen students from various disciplines competed, with the top entry and runner-up in both the undergraduate and graduate student divisions winning $500 and $250 respectively. Ten students qualified to compete at the CSU statewide competition May 6-7, at Fresno State. Their travel expenses will be reimbursed by an ARA grant and the ORA.

The graduate division winner was Christian R. Patz, a doctoral student in Education Leadership and Policy Studies, for The Black and White World of Emotional Disturbance. His study collected data on the perceptions and practices of California school psychologists. The runner-up was Kelly Marie Thomasson in Biological Sciences. Her An Analysis of the Efficacy of the Marine Protected Areas of Maui County in Consideration of Tourism used underwater photographic surveys. She compared the diversity of Maui’s tourist-accessible Marine Protected Areas with that of some of Maui’s tourist-accessible marine areas without protected status.

The undergraduate division winner was Sukhvir Kaur Dhillon in Biological Sciences for The Quantity of Male DNA Found on a Female’s Mouth after Kissing. Her study hypothesized that more male DNA can be found on the outer regions of the female’s mouth than the inside of the mouth, and that the amount of male DNA found both in and outside the female’s mouth will decrease over time. The runner-up was Sara Warren in Anthropology, for Seasonal Food Resources’ Effect on the Activity Budgets of Two Nicaraguan Mantled Howler Monkey Groups. Her study compared variations in activity budgets of howler monkeys in relation to resource availability. Data compared with previously published data for howler monkeys.

Six other students were selected to attend the statewide competition:  

Tracy L. Audisio, undergraduate, Biological Sciences:The Depths of Divergence: A Phylogenetic Analysis of Troglomorphic Spiders in the Genus Usofila (Araneae, Telemidae)

Tomasine Quinney, undergraduate, Biological Sciences:Identification of Antibody to Group a Streptococcal Antigen in Pediatric Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Sarah Billingsley, graduate, Communication Studies: The Effect of Teacher Classroom and E-mail Immediacy on Student Affective Learning and Motivation

Hector Topete, doctoral student, Education Leadership and Policy Studies: The Relationship between Peer Perceptions and Grades among Latino High School Students: Myth or Reality?

Gary Scholze, graduate, Anthropology: Native American Root Use within Northeastern California and the Utilization of Starch Grain Analysis

Nicholas Macias, undergraduate, Biological Sciences:Potential Direct and Indirect Effects of Omnivorous Shrimps on Mayfly Naiads in a Tropical Island Stream: A Laboratory Study

Students wishing to compete in the March 10, 2012 event should visit: