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Rosemarie Dauz is up for nursing challenge


Rosemarie Dauz
Rosemarie Dauz is determined to become a nurse practitioner -- notwithstanding the several obstacles in her path.

For starters, she must maintain a potent grade-point average and then hope that her standardized-exam score and accumulated points will get her into Sacramento State’s impacted Nursing program. Not to mention she’s up against 300-plus applicants, of which the program will accept just 80.

But the personable Rosie, as she prefers to be called, seems up to the challenge. A commuter student from Roseville, she’s carrying 16 units this semester. The third-year Honors student brims with enthusiasm and a ready smile that suggests she would be an excellent nurse.

That enthusiasm is what prompted Professor Roberto Pomo to recruit Rosie for the Honors Program three years ago. As program director, he recognized that her strong academic record and solid work ethic made her a perfect fit.

He was right. Not only has Rosie made her grades and many friends, she is a peer mentor for First Year Seminar students and those majoring in health sciences. She also works part-time in President Alexander Gonzalez’ office and volunteers at Mercy General Hospital in the neuro unit. Her duties include assisting stroke victims and others with brain injuries. This dovetails with her passion to help people, which is why she is pursuing a nursing career.

She readily concedes that the Honors Program was tougher than she expected. But the bond that developed among her freshman cohort helped her through the rougher patches. Now she finds herself lending a helping hand to others.

Reaching out to others comes naturally to her. Whether it is in the Honors lounge, where classmates congregate, or cheering on the program’s flag football team, Rosie is quick with a word of encouragement or consolation. As such, she’s the kind of person one can count on to be there.

Whatever the Nursing program’s decision regarding her application, Rosemarie Dauz is determined to go to graduate school and become a health care professional. She’s destined to be a caring, compassionate caregiver.