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Seminar to encourage local entrepreneurs to think globally


Sacramento State’s College of Business Administration and host a special seminar, “Think Global, Act Local: Entrepreneurship in the Global Marketplace,” 4-7 p.m. Thursday, April 21 at the Alumni Center.

The seminar is part of a series being conducted at several California universities under the auspices of the Schwarzenegger Emerging Entrepreneur Initiative. It will feature a combination of panel discussion, case studies, and question-and-answer sessions, starting with Sacramento State faculty and executives addressing ways local entrepreneurs can take advantage of trends in the global marketplace.

Case studies from successful entrepreneurs will focus on how they overcame challenges to start their businesses and what audience members can learn from them, and a panel of diverse entrepreneurs from Sacramento State will share their experiences in conversation with Professor Seung Bach.

Bach says the seminar will focus on global opportunities for local entrepreneurs. “Nowadays, there is no only-local business or only-domestic business,” he says. “We want to foster local entrepreneurship in the global context. This is kind of an eye-opening opportunity for students and the community to think of local entrepreneurship in the global market.”

After the event, attendees may receive an extensive toolkit of information and offers for launching businesses using global sourcing and trade.

Featured speakers for the event are:

Sanjay Varshney, dean of the College of Business Administration

Mike Effle, executive vice president of

Dennis Gardemeyer, CEO of Delta Bluegrass

Jonathan Shriftman, co-founder of Sole Bicycle Co.

Seung Bach, professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Anne Fuller, professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Eric Gravenberg, CEO. Fit 4 Real Inc.

Jag Sekhon, president of Sekhon Franchise Development Group Inc.

Candace Abke, owner of Dwellings & Gatherings

Dominic Morris, co-CEO of Morris Leagues

James Lambert, a student entrepreneur in social media.

The Schwarzenegger Emerging Entrepreneur Initiative is a program to spur entrepreneurship and stimulate job growth in California, created by with former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. is a publicly traded company focused on facilitating global trade and entrepreneurship through e-commerce for small businesses. More than 56 million worldwide use the company’s platforms.

For more information on this seminar, contact Sacramento State’s College of Business Administration at (916) 278-6578. For more on the Schwarzenegger Emerging Entrepreneur Initiative and, visit For media assistance, contact Sacramento State’s Public Affairs Office at (916) 278-6156.