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Ben Amata, Library, published a review of in the journal Government Information Quarterly.

Kazue Masuyama, Foreign Languages, published a book, Learning Language Through Literature 1 Manga ‘Botchan’ (2011). The book is a re-creation of Natsume Sosaki’s Botchan (1906), one of the most popular novels in Japan, for Japanese language and literature education. For more information on the book, visit

Masuyama also co-authored a chapter, “U.S. strategies to increase the number of participants in study abroad program” (pp. 87-124), with Misako Takeuchi, and wrote another chapter “Importance of Japanese language and culture learning overseas: A suggested model based on the U.S. case studies” (pp. 125-142), in Nihon to EU shokoku ni okeru tankiryugaku no tokuchou to koutou kyouiku no kokusaika ni hatasu yakuwari no hikaku kankyu (Comparative Study on Short-term Study Abroad Program and Its Impact on Higher Education in Japan and EU Countries) by Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2011. This project was funded by Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research of Japan in 2008-2010.

Ernest Uwazie, Africa Center for Strategic Studies, has published the latest Africa Security Brief, “Alternative Dispute Resolution in Africa: Preventing Conflict and Enhancing Stability.” Uwazie is a professor of Criminal Justice and the executive director of the Center for African Peace and Conflict Resolution.

More information is available here. You may also download Uwazie’s paper here.

Dian Baker, Nursing, was interviewed by Capital Public Radio. The community service interview is available here.

Janice R. Gagerman, Social Work, had an op-ed piece published on page 5 of the Sacramento Bee’s Forum section Sunday, Nov. 27, regarding the Penn State sex abuse scandal. The article is available here.

Professor Emeritus Mary Mackey’s new collection of poetry, Sugar Zone, has received a rave review from Huffington Post. Among other things, the reviewer compared her poetry to that of poet Elizabeth Bishop. The review can be read here.