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Summary of ENS test result


A message from Chief Mark Iwasa of the Sacramento State Police Department:

Our thanks to the Sacramento State campus community for participating in and providing feedback on the March 19, 2015 test of the Emergency Notification System (ENS). Each annual test provides us with vital information to help improve our system, while allowing users to confirm that their devices are registered and functioning properly.

The campus-wide test showed a major improvement in the speed of email and SMS text transmissions. More than 30,000 texts and 63,000 email messages were sent within a four-minute timeframe, twice as fast as last year. The University website, the Sacramento State Police and University Facebook pages, and campus digital signage network also functioned as designed. Twitter, the internal phone system, and campus loudspeakers were each operational, but experienced some coverage and effectiveness gaps that are in need of reinforcement. 

According to post-test survey results, texts and email messages were by far the most effective communication method utilized by both on- and off-campus recipients. Comments from survey participants who indicated trouble with their accounts have been investigated and the issues resolved. For any authorized users who need to register or correct their email or phone number, please go to the ENS website (

The computer desktop alert system malfunctioned during the campus-wide test, but has been repaired. Please note that a re-test of the desktop alert system is scheduled for Friday, April 17, at 11:15 a.m.