Classes resumed Monday, Nov. 26, following a closure due to poor air quality related to the Camp Fire. We recommend checking Sacramento State’s website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email for updates.

Read Student Affairs VP Ed Mills' Q&As on student services and deadlines.


President Robert S. Nelsen's Nov. 26 message to the campus community:

The past two weeks have been unprecedented in the history of California. The loss of life and property associated with the Camp Fire is truly horrifying. We hold everyone who has been impacted by the wildfires across the state close to our hearts. The efforts of our campus community to find ways to help during this crisis show what a caring campus Sacramento State truly is. I am incredibly proud of our students, faculty, and staff for showing the true meaning of “Hornet Family.”

These weeks also have been unprecedented in the history of Sacramento State. Closing a campus is always a difficult decision. Providing a high-quality educational experience is our top priority, and canceling classes and closing services significantly impact our ability to achieve that mission. In the past, I have made decisions to close campuses due to direct threats from natural disasters, but facing a non-acute situation like poor air quality was complex. While testing of the air inside buildings with proper circulation demonstrated an acceptable quality for work, the amount of time people must be outdoors to travel between buildings and parking facilities weighed heavily on us. With the health and safety of the Hornet Family in mind, we concluded that we could not remain open.

As we enter the final three weeks of the semester, faculty and students will need to refocus their efforts. I understand that the closure will affect a significant amount of course content, and that syllabi and schedules will need adjustment. I know this is not an easy task for our faculty, but I believe in them and their outstanding commitment to our students. In consultation with the Chair of the Faculty Senate, the Provost has suspended a part of the Last Week of Instruction Policy so that instructors can allow assignments not originally listed in the syllabus to be submitted during Week 15.

Finals must still be given during Finals Week. We have shifted deadlines (such as those for withdrawing from classes), and we have lifted advising holds to allow students who may not have had the chance to meet with their advisors to register for classes on time. We all owe thanks and appreciation to our faculty and academic leadership who are putting in significant work to finish the semester strong for our students.

I know that many staff are starting today feeling overwhelmed and behind in their work. I ask for flexibility and kindness as people endeavor to catch up. Overcoming the loss of the past two weeks will be a challenge for everyone on campus, but if we all commit to open and clear communication and a bit of patience, we will finish successfully. I encourage everyone to review the FAQs for guidance.

I want to thank the members of the Critical Response Team who were called in and worked long days to make decisions about the closure and how to handle matters that arose as a result. Their diligent and thoughtful work has mitigated many potential problems. My deepest gratitude goes out to the staff and management who came in to ensure that critical operations like communications, public safety, payroll, paycheck distribution, transcripts, housing, student health services, and facilities management continued without disruption.

As students and faculty return to normalcy, we will be assessing our response to this crisis to ensure that if and when a situation like this happens again, we are better prepared and can do an even better job of responding. I know the past two weeks have been frustrating for many, but I appreciate your patience and understanding as we work together to navigate this unexpected closure.

In the coming week, we will be sharing information on how we can more directly support those affected by the Camp Fire and the first responders who have worked so tirelessly. Butte County remains in our hearts, and the Hornet Family will continue our commitment to supporting them during the long road of healing and recovery ahead.

I wish you all the best during the final weeks of the semester – and Stingers Up!



Frequently Asked Questions

What does “campus closed” mean? (UPDATED)

All buildings including Modoc Hall, Napa Hall, Folsom Hall, the AIRC, the University Library, the ASI Children’s Center, The WELL (except the health center), the Hornet Bookstore, the University Union, and Sacramento State Downtown were closed from Nov. 13-21 due to poor air quality from the Camp Fire. The residence halls, the Dining Commons, and the Courtyard Market were open. All classes, work, events, and tours were canceled. We recommended that people not come to campus unless they were essential employees as noted below.

What about deadlines? (UPDATED)

For students, the date to drop fall semester classes has been extended to Friday, Nov. 30. Please see the academic calendar for all deadlines.

I am a prospective student. What about the application deadline?

​If you are affected by the recent wildfires and are applying for admission to CSU campuses for the Fall 2019 term, you may request an application deadline extension. Click here for information.

How do I know if I am an essential employee?

Your manager will contact you if you are needed to work. With fluctuating conditions, personnel deemed essential may vary based on campus needs.

I’m a staff employee. Will I get paid during the closure? (UPDATED)

Yes. All regular employees (management, staff, and students) who were scheduled to work during the closure period will be paid their regular compensation. Employees with previously scheduled sick leave, vacation, personal holiday, or CTO will use appropriate leave accruals for that time, unless in conflict with their collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

For state employees called to work during the closure:  

  • Non-exempt employees called to work on days that the campus is closed may be eligible to be paid emergency pay for hours worked. Please refer to your applicable CBA. 
  • Exempt staff called to work will be paid their normal monthly salary and are ineligible for overtime and/or emergency pay. However, represented exempt employees called to work will be allowed to take informal time off in an amount approximate to the time worked on a date mutually determined by the employee and their manager.

I am a faculty member. Will I be paid during the closure?

Yes. All faculty who were scheduled to work during the closure period will be paid their regular compensation. Employees with previously scheduled sick leave, vacation, personal holiday, or CTO will use appropriate leave accruals for that time, unless in conflict with their collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

I am a faculty member. Can I continue to teach during the closure by delivering course material online?

No. The closure requires that course instruction be suspended.

I am a faculty member. Can I require students to submit or complete any work while classes are canceled?

No. All deadlines must be postponed until after classes resume. Due dates for assignments that were scheduled to be due during the closure must be extended. No additional work may be assigned during the campus closure. Please exercise flexibility and compassion in your expectations of what students can accomplish over this closure.

I am a faculty member. Can I reschedule or add additional classes once the campus is reopened?

No. Rescheduling classes outside of the regular schedule presents many challenges of logistics and fairness to those whose schedules cannot accommodate the additional meetings.

I am a faculty member. Since I can’t make up classes, how should I decide what to focus on for the remainder of the semester? 

Please let your course learning outcomes guide this decision.

Will we have classes later into the semester because of the classes that were canceled?

No. We will not be adjusting the academic schedule.

I am a student. Will I accrue an absence because class was canceled?

No. You cannot be considered absent if class has been canceled.

I am a student. I have an off-campus internship – what do I do? (UPDATED)

Student interns or those with regulated clinical placements who are working for/at off-campus organizations, such as hospital, clinics, justice agencies, or public schools should report to their placements on Monday, Nov. 19, if those organizations are open for business. Please contact your preceptor, advisor/professor, or department chair if you have questions or concerns. Students with clinical placement hours regulated by external agencies will need to make arrangements with their department to make up hours as required.

I am a student. Will I get a refund since classes are canceled?

Our faculty will be working hard to minimize the impact of the campus closures on the educational experience and have been asked to adjust their course work to manage this interruption. We will not be issuing refunds.

Updated at 8 a.m. Nov. 26