University Communications' Marketing unit is the steward of the University brand, responsible for strategic message development, marketing campaigns and collateral for the University. It also oversees the use of the Sacramento State logo, identity and style; and leads a University Marketing Council to foster synergy and consistency among the various marketing initiatives on campus.

The popular “Made at Sac State” marketing campaign, featuring notable alumni and successful students, is overseen by the Marketing unit. The unit also assists other departments with the creation of collateral materials and develops and manages the University’s messaging on the Highway 50 digital billboard.

The Logo and Identity Review Process

To ensure that all materials are in full compliance with University policies, there is a process in place for approval of all communication that reaches an off-campus audience. If you are designing your own publications (such as brochures, fliers, invitations, booklets, ads etc.), you must obtain the approval of the Office of University Marketing before the material is printed or goes "live". This policy is important for the campus to establish and maintain the standards for the Sacramento State identity. The policy covers all communications for an external audience regardless of the source of funding for the material. The process for approval is best started early in the design process. Please allow no fewer than two working days for review of your project.

To begin the process or find out more about review procedures, send your materials to, or contact the Office of University Marketing at or (916) 278-4381.