"U" Mentor, which is housed under DEGREES Project, is a program that aims to promote student success through the avenue of mentorship. Once matched, students are able to actively communicate with their mentors and receive assistance with academic advising, career advising, and overall achievement of success. Both mentors and mentees are required to complete a Development Plan together in order to ensure students and staff/faculty experience a fulfilling mentorship relationship.

While the campus has smaller mentoring programs in place, currently there is no campus retention program in place that addresses the needs of our 27,000 students through the formulation of mentoring relationships.

As underscored by the strategic goals outlined in the 2012-2013 Graduation Initiative Strategic Plan, the Sacramento State "U" Mentor Program has the following mission:

  • To pair Sacramento State students with vital services and mentoring support provided by upper-division/graduate students, alumni, and faculty/staff that will promote student success and timely graduation from the University
  • Ensure students are gaining fulfilling mentorship experiences by working closely with students in order to foster their holistic development

Ultimately, the program helps to build connection, community, and creates an atmosphere of belonging and self-directedness through the resources the mentoring relationship provides.

The Dedicated to Educating, Graduating and Retaining Educational Equity Students, (DEGREES) Project was established in 2012 through the CSU’s Chancellor’s Office. Under the Graduation Initiative Strategic Plan, the program is designed to promote the retention and graduation of all campus underrepresented students. DEGREES is composed of four tracks including early warning interventions/continuing student support, curricular enrichment, mentoring/tutoring services, and engagement. The overarching goal of DEGREES is to connect students with a variety of camp resources to impact their overall success in college.

Under the track of mentoring/tutoring services, “U” Mentor was established to utilize the effectiveness of mentorship in order to encourage and increase retention rates.