Mentee FAQ

What are the objectives of the program?

  • The program is designed to pair Sacramento State students with vital services and mentoring support provided by current upper-division students, alumni, and faculty/staff
  • To utilize an online domain to engage and connect students with helpful faculty and staff, while helping them to meet their career and degree objectives

Time Commitment

  • Mentees are to commit to at least one academic year of mentorship
  • Mentees must agree to at least three face-to-face meetings during each semester with his or her mentor

Who can participate in the program?

  • Any registered Sacramento State student can participate in the program.

What is a mentor?

  • A mentor is a trusted counselor or guide. In an academic setting, a mentor is generally a faculty or staff who advises or guides a student in matters relating to the achievement of academic success./li>

Why is it important for students to have mentors?

  • By establishing a mentoring relationship with a faculty or staff member of the university, students are able to gain important knowledge about the University's culture and unspoken rules that can be critical to success at the university
  • Students have the opportunity to receive critical feedback in areas such as communication, academics, interpersonal relationships, and professional development
  • Students develop a relationship with an individual to whom he or she is able to share frustrations as well as successes