Mentor FAQ

What are the objectives of the program?

  • The program is designed to pair Sacramento State students with vital services and mentoring support provided by current upper-division/ graduate students, alumni, and faculty/staff
  • To develop a comprehensive list of mentors on campus through the acquisition of online mentoring profiles designed to better assist students in the selection of a mentor
  • To utilize an online domain to engage and connect students with helpful faculty and staff, while helping them to meet their career and degree objectives

Time Commitment

  • Mentors are to commit for one academic year of mentorship
  • Engage in e-mentoring and face-to- face mentoring with program students (3 Meetings for semester, 6 per year)
  • To attend trainings as provided by the program to carry forth effective mentoring practices(optional)

When will the meetings take place?

  • Mentor has the responsibility to establish the first meeting with mentee
  • The meetings will be scheduled by you and your mentee to accommodate both of your schedules

How is mentoring beneficial?

  • Higher level of personal satisfaction, confidence, and motivation
  • Creating an impact in someone's life.
  • Building new networks

What are the expectations of a mentor in this program?

  • Create a "U" Mentor Development Plan with your mentee (available online)
  • Have fun with your mentee as you learn together
  • Demonstrate to your mentee that you are consistent, dependable, and trustworthy
  • Value the diverse traits of your mentee
  • Do less talking and more listening

What kind of structure does "U" Mentor provide?

  • Development Plan
  • Articles about mentoring