Career Development/Life Skills Program

Developing a career plan is one of the key components of your college education. As a student-athlete, you are attractive to employers in many ways. Through participation in athletics, student-athletes develop many skills that are valuable in the work place. Some of those skills include teamwork, communication, leadership, multi-tasking, ability to perform under pressure, and goal setting. Student-athletes also tend to be more outgoing and assertive which makes them excellent candidates for sales and costumer service positions.

Career Planning should begin early in your college career. Student-athletes should take a tour of the Career Center during their freshman or sophomore year. Most Freshman Seminar courses take a tour of the Center. You should also attend Major and Career Fairs and register with Career Connection early in your college career. As a junior and senior you should attend many of the valuable workshops provided by the Career Center.

Below are several links that can assist you in developing a career plan or in finding career opportunities.

The Sacramento State Career Center

The Career Center assists students in identifying and obtaining their educational, career, and life objectives and opportunities. Individual career counseling sessions, computer-aided guidance software and a career library are integral parts of the Center. The Candidate Preparation and Placement Program within the Center offer graduating students a chance to interview on campus with more than 300 local and regional employers. Special workshops are offered regularly to assist students with job-seeking tips, resume construction, and interviewing techniques. Current full-time job vacancies in education, business, industry, human services, and government agencies are available through the Career Connection online database and in the Center's library. The Center also assists students with referrals for internships, co-ops and part-time career-related opportunities. Career Connection is an easy way to access part-time job opportunities that fit a college student's schedule. (Lassen Hall 2000 / (916) 278-6231)

Companies That Are Interested in Hiring Sac State Student-Athletes

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