Current Student Athletes

The Athletic Academic Services area of the Student-Athlete Resource Center is designed to provide comprehensive academic advising to the NCAA Division I student-athletes at Sacramento State. Our primary goal is to help student-athletes meet the challenges they encounter while striving for success in academics and athletics. Student-athletes are required to meet with an advisor at least once per semester to review general education and graduation requirements and NCAA continuing eligibility guidelines.

In addition to academic advising and monitoring NCAA continuing eligibility, the Athletic Academic Services area also coordinates the Summer School and Post-Eligibility Scholarship Program; the Academic Progress Report System; and the APR/GSR/Federal Graduation Rate Data.

We encourage all current and prospective student-athletes to check out other areas of the website that provide helpful links and additional resources that can help improve their experience at Sacramento State.

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Academic Data

Academic Study Lab and Tutoring

The Student-Athlete Academic & Life Skills Lab is located on the 3rd floor of Lassen Hall in room 3002 and the Student-Athlete Study Lounge is located on the 1st floor of the Athletic Center in room 1030.. The labs offer the following for student-athlete use:

  • Accomodation for up to 25 student-athletes (Lassen Lab) & 40-50 student-athletes (Athletic Center Lounge)
  • Conference table seating for up to 8-15 student-athletes
  • Tutorial or small group study room with seating for 4-7
  • Computer lab/lounge with 25 computers and free printing for student-athletes
  • Laptops and calculators are available for students/coaches to check out
  • The lab and lounge are open for use 45-50 hours per week

Student-athletes needing individual tutoring should speak to a SARC advisor for details.  We employ a limited number of tutors for specific subjects.  All other tutorial requests are referred to the PARC (second floor of Lassen Hall) for free services (

Student-athletes are asked to sign-in when they come to the lab and sign-out when they leave. Student-athletes are encouraged to use this area when meeting with tutors.

Hours of Operation:  Monday - Friday | 7:30AM - 4:00pm