From the Desk of the Associate Vice President

Dr. Marcellene Watson-Derbigny

Welcome to Student Academic Success and Educational Equity Programs (SASEEP), a multi-faceted and dynamic Unit working to ensure the success of all students on campus while closing the achievement gap. The Unit is vibrant and anchored by many innovative programs. Our foremost goals are rooted in the provision of access to a higher education, success in the collegiate setting, and equipping our scholars with tools for life. To learn more about our programs, please scroll through the website and view the mission statements of the program components that come to comprise a Unit that strives for excellence in student service provision and community support. As agents of change, we are lead by a motto of “Together Everyone Achieves More,” because team work is the true building block for the Unit’s ability to leverage new and creative goals as we impact the present and make way for a bright future.

For additional information about the Associate Vice President, please read the bio below.

Dr. Marcellene Watson-Derbigny serves as the Associate Vice President for Student Retention and Academic Success. Providing broad oversight to over 25 plus educational equity programs, she is well versed in educational equity practice, program development, and in the strategic planning of retention initiatives within complex higher education structures, overseeing a vast budget. She is nationally known for her work in learning community planning and design for freshmen and transfer student populations having led such efforts for over 15 years. She currently chairs the Campus Educational Equity Committee, which focuses on services to underrepresented students, as well as periodically reviews educational equity programs and services across the campus that enhance the undergraduate experience. In addition to her extensive educational equity involvements, Dr. Watson-Derbigny also chairs the Student Success and Completion Initiative for the campus and chairs the Task Force on African American Student Success. Recent achievements as a part of her portfolio include extensive event planning experience securing such speakers as Dr. Eric Thomas, Dr. Steve Perry, Dr. Vincent Tinto, Dr. Betsy Barefoot, Dr. Jennifer Engle, Dr. Hill Harper, and Les Brown to name a few.

As a result of her on and off campus collaborations, Dr. Watson-Derbigny is sought after as a collaborator on a variety of student success projects. She has also been named a Woman of Influence for two years in a row and is highly sought after by the community for collaborative projects advancing the degree attainment goals of underserved student populations. Dr. Watson-Derbigny holds all of the following degrees with honors: a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Research Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, and a Doctorate Degree in Educational Psychology with a minor in Educational Administration from the University of the Pacific. As a leader and visionary, Dr. Watson-Derbigny has been a forerunner in creating new initiatives to advance the University’s goals including the founding of a new Martin Luther King, Jr. Center, launching the first tutoring Center for the campus, and creating its first transfer learning communities and transfer bridge programs. She is also actively involved in the community having established partnerships with both the Sacramento Urban League and Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce to enhance the vibrancy of efforts within the African American community. With a passion to close the gap, she also serves as Co-Director of the DEGREES Project and is actively helping the campus to eliminate the degree attainment gap by further leading the way to promote initiatives that foster the success of all students.

As a woman committed to the success of all communities and in particular the African American community, Dr. Watson-Derbigny strives to serve people from the heart. She is committed to causes of diversity and equity and is a strong advocate in the community for educational reform and success.