Welcome to Student Academic Success and Educational Equity Programs (SASEEP)! We are a unit comprised of a variety of student success support programs designed to increase student retention, persistence, and graduation, while working to close the achievement gap.

We are guided by the following Unit mission statement: SASEEP’s mission is to   improve the retention and graduation rates of diverse student populations and to promote a campus learning environment that encourages and supports all students in persisting toward their educational goal.  It is our utmost aspiration to provide each student with an array of support mechanisms that help to ease the pathway to the degree. Programs in the Unit include:


All of the programs above are armed to provide advising, tutoring, mentoring, and peer based support that fosters the success of students in transition, the retention of students in the University, and support to prepare for life beyond college. We are proud of the signature services that we offer and welcome your involvement and collaboration with our unit to build a culture of excellence and success that translates into a higher education degree.