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In Spring 2018, groundbreaking report ” Ecological Factors in Hmong American Educational Success ” authored by Dr. Chao Vang, provides key insightful numeric data and powerful narratives into the experiences of the 1,000+ Hmong students at Sacramento State.

As a result of this report, we are excited to launch Project HMONG (Helping Mentor Our Next Generation) at Sacramento State under the auspices of SASEEP and the Division of Student Affairs, devoted to the success of students. Project HMONG supports the institution's goals of fostering student retention, persistence, and graduation.              

Project HMONG’s mission is to ensure the academic, career, and life success for Hmong and other underrepresented students. 

Project HMONG’s purpose is to build a positive and supportive community of mentors and peers through mentoring and networking with support, guidance, and encouragement while promoting positive character development.

The leadership and strategic direction for Project HMONG, will consist of an Executive Advisory Council , Ambassadors Council , and Scholars Council If you are interested in assisting with Project HMONG and for more information, please contact Dr. Chao Vang at chao.vang@csus.edu or (916) 278-5877.

PHgroup Project HMONG community advisory committee meet and greet with President Nelsen and his cabinet to ensure the academic, career and life success of our students.

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