College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)

  • A one-day event designed to welcome parents and students already accepted to Sacramento State University for the fall semester. This is an opportunity for staff to introduce themselves to the families of CAMP students and to provide an overview of financial-aid and housing assistance in a bilingual mini-workshop specifically tailored to the needs of CAMP students and their families.
  • Our study center is developed to teach and reinforce good study habits by providing an environment conducive to studying, writing and tutoring. CAMP students are required to log 5 hours of study time within the center to help them meet the academic demands our college campus requires. Students have access to four peer-mentors that provide tutoring assistance for both English and Math studies from 8 AM to 5 PM. Five computer terminals are also available for general word processing.
  • Students take part in a series of three workshops that highlight different aspects of successful transition to University life. These workshops are offered in the fall semester and allow students to interact in smaller groups and discuss the vital ingredients for success as freshmen, with a special emphasis on CAMP. In the spring semester the CAMP students are reunited in one class. This larger gathering of students expands on the fall semester by highlighting potential career paths through guest speaker presentations and workshops.
  • Each year students attend workshops designed to give an overview of the obstacles that students’ face that could prove harmful to their academic success at the University. These workshops have a special focus on cases of non-compliance with E.O. 665 and Academic Probation. Students are given common scenarios discussing what is required of them relative to their grades, grade point average, completion of remedial English and Math courses, and other similar requirements.
  • This is a new support system which allows continuous involvement of CAMP students and provides further services to increase retention rates. The association is dedicated to building a community of continuing CAMP students that celebrate the uniqueness of their CAMP experience. Association membership provides a support network for former students from all academic and professional endeavors and provides an opportunity to play a vital role within the larger Sacramento State community.  
  • CAMP staff and counselors serve as the support system needed to communicate with the student, their family and the University. Counselors contact and personally meet with students if they are at-risk of failing a class, experience a decrease in their GPA and/or fail to register for classes in any given semester.