Faculty Student Mentor Program (FSMP) & College Based Efforts

Students participating in FSMP were provided with a broad base of support including mentoring, tutoring, open house venues for better navigation of the major fields of study, and other resource gathering opportunities. See the general listing below which captures the major components of each college based mentoring effort.

  • Introduction to the academic discipline
  • Mentoring and e-mentoring
  • Tutoring
  • Assistance in the development of the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for successful completion of their academic goals
  • Encourage students’ development of supportive relationships with other students, faculty and staff
  • Provide information on on-campus resources
  • Provide academic, personal and career advising
  • Ability to enroll in an discipline based learning community (EOP NSM and Education)
  • Research opportunities
  • Test preparation in the College of Education (COE) to assist underrepresented students for entry into teacher preparation programs and graduate school
  • Outreach to community college transfer students
  • Connections to professional and student organizations
  • Held meet the Dean Days and College Open Houses
  • Held orientation sessions with students to apprise them of majors
  • 24 hour study center available to students in the College of Engineering
  • Provided adjunct tutorials in various Colleges