Student Academic Success (SAS)

  • Built and developed a structure to provide counseling/student development services to sophomore level students within the EOP Program and the larger University.
  • The sophomore success component currently includes helping students to better navigate the University. The program as well helps students to overcome barriers to their academic progression at Sacramento State by assisting them early with academic and social issues that perhaps might impact their educational trajectory.
  • Developed a critical inventory of best practices to better assist educational equity students and University students in general to be retained and graduate from Sacramento State.

Note: Faculty and staff within SASEEP participated in a professional development opportunity in which Dr. Vincent Tinto was brought in to help the staff examine effective retention practices among equity students.

Compiled by Dr. Marcellene Watson-Derbigny Developed and written by the Directors and Coordinators of CAMP, EOP, FSMP, and SSWD