Background of the Hummingbird

The Dreamer Resource Center adopted the image of the hummingbird because it is a symbolic representation of the unwavering energy that undocumented students exhibit in pursuit of their dreams, despite the many obstacles they face. Hummingbirds, which are known for being able to overcome many daunting challenges during their migration journeys, are the embodiment of endurance and perseverance. Like hummingbirds, undocumented students redefine the possible by accomplishing the seemingly impossible. They do not stop at the face of economic, immigration, or social barriers, but instead remain persistent. Lastly, the circle is a reminder of the welcoming and safe space that is available to undocumented students at the Dreamer Resource Center at Sacramento State. Thus, the hummingbird honors the lived experiences of immigrant students at Sacramento State and celebrates their tenacity and determination to succeed.