Program Services

Attorneys from the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation offer drop-in immigration legal consultations free of cost to students and their families.

Staff at the DRC are trained to provide guidance in both areas and/or refer students to individuals who have been certified through the Dreamer Ally Training.

CAD is dedicated to advance the academic and professional success of undocumented students and students from mixed-status families in California. The consortium provides a platform for administrators, faculty, staff, counselors, teachers, and other educators in K-12, community colleges and institutions of higher education, as well as non-profits to share best practices, expertise and resources to better address the needs of undocumented students and students from mixed-status families.

The grant helps students remain in school when the completion of their college education is threatened by financial circumstances that are out of their control. The DRC Student Emergency Grant is administered by the Dreamer Resource Center in accordance with applicable University rules and policies. Funding for the program comes from the help of generous donors.

At the Dreamer Resource Center at Sacramento State, we promote scholarship opportunities for all students, including undocumented/AB 540 students. Our scholarship database includes scholarships that do not require proof of citizenship or residency status, and/or are open to AB 540 or undocumented students.

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The course helps to enhance and foster the academic and personal success of undocumented students, students from mixed-status families, and other students that identify with this community. The course accomplishes the following:

  1. Introduces students to the functions and resources of the University
  2. Provides the opportunity to interact with other fellow students and staff from the Dreamer Resource Center
  3. Builds a community of academic and personal support
  4. Gives space for students to explore the various aspects of their identity
  5. Provides ways to use their stories as a means to enact change in their immediate and larger communities

The training is designed for staff, faculty and others who work with undocumented students at Sacramento State. The training provides an overview of the federal and state policies that impact the lives of undocumented students, knowledge of the conditions experienced by these students, activities to reach greater understanding of the needs of this population and tools to become allies and advocates during their college journey and beyond. In addition, there will be a panel composed of undocumented students who will provide the audience with the opportunity to hear their stories.

The sessions bring to campus policy experts to provide students, staff, and faculty with a policy overview on state and federal policies that have been passed or have not been passed, and how they impact undocumented students and their families.

The conference is designed to enable educators to become agents of change in their respective institutions. Through the sharing of knowledge, expertise and emerging practices, the conference will introduce approaches to help institutions transform existing environments into sensitive and inclusive spaces where undocumented students and students with mixed-status families are supported, empowered and encouraged to reach their maximum potential.

The series of film screenings are designed to inspire and create a more inclusive and undocu-friendly campus. By showing films and generating dialogue to explore ways that the university can assist undocumented students, the programming facilitates culture change at Sacramento State.

The workshops increase knowledge on how to navigate college successfully by addressing topics unique to the academic, professional, and personal needs of undocumented students. The workshops are made available in webinar format to increase access and allow students and community members to join without being physically present.