Dr. Darren Smith

Darren 2500x3000

Licensed Psychologist (PSY23035)

Psy.D Wright State University

B.A and B.Ed University of Alberta

How I work with students:

The best results in therapy stem from having a strong interpersonal relationship with one’s therapist, so I focus on making my clients feel welcomed, understood, and supported, first and foremost.   Although I am not a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist by training, because of the nature of many of the issues that students present with, particularly anxiety and depression, I have found that this particular approach tends to get the desired results in a timely fashion, and equips students with coping skills that allow students to practice becoming their own therapists, so to speak.  So, I often teach students basic skills in how to examine, challenge, and change thinking habits that exacerbate mental and emotional states of being, as well as teach different body-focused interventions like breathing and relaxation techniques.  However, I pride myself on tailoring my approach to the needs of each student.    


Professional Interests: International psychology; Trauma.

Personal interests: I enjoy all things outdoors and all things active.  I also love traveling and experiencing new cultures and countries.