The Health & Wellness Promotion Department offers a wide variety of educational presentations such as  general wellness, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, nutrition, healthy relationships, and mental health.

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Presentation Topics

  • Stigma Fighter 101: This presentation teaches students about mental health among college students including anxiety, depression and stress. Peer-led discussion also reviews how to help a friend and campus resources.
    • By the end of the presentation, students will be able to:

      • Recognize signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions
      • Discuss mental health stigma
      • List at least 2 common stressors that impact mental health
      • Identify resources available on campus to help a friend or themselves pertaining to mental health


  • Stress Less, Worry Less: Learn simple techniques to manage stress that college students face including balancing family obligations, academic work and friends in a healthy manner. Participants will also determine their own personal "Stress Style."
    • By the end of the presentation, students will be able to: 

      • Describe the difference between eustress and chronic/negative stress
      • Recognize the effect of negative stress on overall health and well-being
      • List at least 3 self-care and stress management techniques
      • Identify resources available on campus pertaining to stress management

Party Safer - A discussion-based presentation focused on college alcohol consumption, the effects of alcohol, and how to drink responsibly at social events.

  • By the end of the presentation, students will: 

    • Know the different effects alcohol has on the brain and body
    • Understand what BAC is and the factors that affect it.
    • Be able to list at least two safe drinking practices
    • Be able to list at least two signs of alcohol poisoning 
  • Fresh Ideas for Eating While in College - An interactive presentation to help navigate eating at restaurants and fast food, tips for reading food labels, and healthy meal planning for students with a busy schedule and tight budget.
    • By the end of the presentation, students will:

      • Be able to identify healthier options on a restaurant menu
      • Learn basic skills on how to plan and prepare meals to bring on campus
      • Know how to read food labels
      • Know at least one resource to help with food insecurity


  • Cooking Demonstrations - For groups of 20 or less. Not sure what to cook? Don’t have time? Have limited cooking skills? Learn how to prepare quick and tasty, budget-friendly recipes. Participants get to sample each recipe and receive copies of the recipes to take home to practice on their own.
    • By the end of the presentation, students will be able to describe:

      • At least one technique to prep and cook healthy recipes
      • At least one nutrition fact about a food
  • Netflix and Chill “Netflix and Chill” is a discussion-based presentation focused on consent, safer sex practices, contraceptives, and sexually transmitted infections.
    • ​By the end of the presentation, students will be able to:​​
      • List at least two safer sex practices
      • Recognize signs and symptoms for common sexually transmitted infections
      • Describe at least two different barrier methods for safer sex practices
      • Identify campus resources for sexuality and reproductive health concerns


  • Matters of the Heart Matters of the Heart” is an interactive presentation focused on the components of healthy relationships, including discussions about real life college scenarios with roommates, parents, friends and dating. 
    • ​By the end of the presentation, students will be able to:​​
      • Identify at least three characteristics of a healthy relationship
      • List at least two warning signs of an unhealthy relationship
      • Identify relationship support resources available on campus 


  • Hornets Help: An interactive presentation to help students recognize warning signs of sexual assault and dating violence, understand the power of active bystanders in preventing violence, and intervene safely.
    • By the end of the presentation, students will be able to:

      • Identify warning signs of potential sexual assault, dating/domestic violence
      • Demonstrate at least two bystander intervention techniques for a sexual assault or dating/domestic violence situation
      • Identify resources available on campus relating to sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking

7 Dimensions of Wellness:  Students will have a general understanding of the 7 Dimensions of Wellness (Physical, Emotional, Socio-Cultural, Intellectual, Financial, Environmental, and Spiritual) and how these can be used to increase their overall well-being.

  • By the end of the presentation, students will: 

    • Be able to describe the seven dimensions of wellness
    • Be able to list at least one positive behavior for each dimension
    • Set three goals to support personal wellbeing
    • Identify campus resources related to wellness