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What is Smart Planner?

Students need the ability to create a focused and efficient plan that will lead to timely graduation. Advisors need an effective toolbox to guide degree planning and provide proactive advising to help students remain on track for graduation. Smart Planner is designed to facilitate student progress towards degree completion and provides departments and programs with data necessary to help students take 30 productive units, on average, every academic year.

What are the benefits for me?

  • Dynamic semester-by-semester plan that allows you to advise, recommend, and make adjustments in real time. 
  • Smart Planner accounts for all degree requirements - pre-requisites, required major courses, general education, and overall degree requirements. 
  • Provides consistency for all advisors. 
  • Real-time, online analysis of student progress towards their degrees.
  • Supports departments in offering courses based on student demand. 

How do I talk about Smart Planner?

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Best Advising Practices and Reference Sheet

Do I have access to Smart Planner?

Academic Advisors already have the CMS advisor role which also allows them to access Smart Planner. Advisors who find they do not have access will need to ask their department representative who is a pre-approved CARS user to put in a Common Access Request System (CARS) request for them.

How do I access and use Smart Planner?

 If you are an Academic Advisor, there will be a link to both the KEYS to Degree Toolbox and Smart Planner in each advisee’s Student Center.

Visit our resources and online training material. Departments may also request group training for their advisors on accessing and using Smart Planner