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What is Smart Planner?

Plan. Pick. Enroll. Assess. Graduate!

Smart Planner is the first step to mapping out your degree at Sacramento State. Smart Planner is part of your KEYS to Degree Toolbox and allows your major department to provide you with a semester-by-semester roadmap that you can follow and tweak to meet your specific graduation requirements.

Using Smart Planner along with your advisor and the other tools in your KEYS Toolbox helps you to plan out your degree and build an ideal schedule. Explore them in your Student Center at My Sac State.


  • Smart Planner
  • Sac State Scheduler


  • Enrollment


  • Financial Aid Meter
  • Progress to Degree
  • Transfer Credit Report
  • Academic Requirements Report
  • Advising Summary


  • Application for Graduation

What are the benefits for me?

  • Plan multiple semesters in advance - lets you know what courses are offered by semester, helps you map out your pre-requisites and other requirements, and allows you to personalize your degree plan.
  • Real-time online analysis of your progress toward your degree.
  • Helps the University predict which courses you will need to graduate on time.
  • Finishing on time saves money, can result in better grades and gets your career started sooner. Check out other helpful tips and benefits here.

Where do I access Smart Planner?

Login to use Smart Planner in your Student Center at My Sac State. NOTE: while Smart Planner is available for all programs and majors, if your GE catalog year and/or the catalog year for your major is before Fall 2014, please click on the Smart Planner link to see if you are eligible.