Get Involved

Students in the Quad holding stingers up.We know that not all learning on a university campus takes place in the classroom. Student Organizations & Leadership (SO&L) is committed to encouraging and helping students become involved in campus life through a variety of leadership programs and more than 300 clubs and organizations.

Through any combination of these activities, students can learn democratic group procedures, expand tolerance and respect for fellow human beings, develop and maintain concern for vital issues, gain an appreciation of the aesthetic and cultural aspects of life, and participate in wholesome recreational activity. Getting involved on campus is a great way to meet people, make lifelong friends and contacts, enrich the total educational experience and make a large University seem more personal. Finally, emerging research shows that students who are engaged in University life outside of the classroom do better inside the classroom - and are more likely to persist to graduation.




With over 300 student organizations on campus there is bound to be one or more that interest you! In addition, if there isn’t currently a club that exists, then we can help you start your own. If you are a new officer, you must attend the annual officer orientation Nuts and Bolts.


The Men of Alpha Phi Alpha tablinging the Quad

Fraternities and Sororities provide students lifelong membership in organizations that enhances your personal development through a commitment to the ideals of brother/sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, and service. More…


Student listening to a speaker

Many leadership development opportunities are available from the Leadership Initiative certificate program to workshops and conferences. Check out featured student leaders or read up on different leadership concepts through the Leadership Blog. The efforts of individual students, student club events, and partnerships are recognized annually through our awards.



Sport Clubs provide students the opportunity to participate in competitive sports against intercollegiate teams, with an emphasis on student leadership, development, and involvement. Students can also join a Recreation Club that provide social interaction, skill development, and occasionally less competitive activities. More…