The SO&L Team


What We Do

Mission: Student Organizations & Leadership (SO&L) advocates for students and contributes to learning, development, and retention by providing opportunities for involvement, leadership, and empowerment through a wide variety of organizations and programs. These experiences nurture campus pride and student success to advance an inclusive and equitable community.

Our Commitment: We know that not all learning on a university campus takes place in the classroom. Staff in Student Organizations & Leadership (SO&L) are committed to encouraging and helping students become involved in campus life through a variety of leadership programs and more than 300 clubs and organizations.

Through any combination of these activities, students can learn democratic group procedures, expand tolerance and respect for fellow human beings, develop and maintain concern for vital issues, gain an appreciation of the aesthetic and cultural aspects of life, and participate in wholesome recreational activity. Getting involved on campus is a great way to meet people, make lifelong friends and contacts, enrich the total educational experience and make a large University seem more personal. Finally, emerging research shows that students who get engaged in University life outside of the classroom do better inside the classroom - and are more likely to persist to graduation.

Student Organizations & Leadership provides a variety of services to clubs and organizations including:

  • general advisement
  • leadership development programs
  • access to University resources

SO&L staff also assists organizations in establishing links with the Sacramento community for volunteer service programs. SO&L is located on the second floor of the University Union, and staff there are eager to answer questions and provide information on the many opportunities open to all students.


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Nicki Croly, Interim Director

Nicki advises....

- Arts and Letters Academic and Honorary Organizations
- Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies Academic and Honorary Organizations
- Health and Human Services Academic and Honorary Organizations
- Natural Sciences and Mathematics Academic and Honorary Organizations
- Political Organizations


Josh Mandel-Sonner, Assistant Director

Josh advises....

- Sport Organizations
- Recreational Organizations
- Special Interest Organizations

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Christina Armstrong-Smith, Leadership Programs Coordinator

Christina advises....

- Business Administration Academic and Honorary Organizations
- Education Academic and Honorary Organizations
- Engineering and Computer Science Academic and Honorary Organizations
- Honorary Organizations not affiliated with a College


Megan Piermarini, Greek Life Advisor

Megan advises....

-Interfraternity Council
-National Pan-Hellenic Council
-United Sorority & Fraternity Council
-Order of Omega


Ashley Torres, Program Advisor

Ashley advises....

- Latino Greek Council
- Panhellenic Sorority Council
- Service Organizations


Jose Napoles, Leadership Program Advisor

Jose advises...

- Cultural Organizations
- Religious Organizations


Gwen AndersonOffice Coordinator/ Resource Analyst

aleia administrative support coordinator

Aleia Luster, Administrative Support Coordinator

Jackie Pulatie

Jackie Pulatie, Sport Clubs Administrative Assistant

Student Assistants


Justice- Front Desk


Jessica- Front Desk


Sofia- Front Desk


Christina- Social Media Marketing


Kipcia- Greek Life


Jenae- Leadership Initiative


Max- Leadership Initiative


Alyssa- Leadership Initiative


Morgan- Sport Clubs Program

David Granicher

David- Sport Clubs Program

Vanessa MaganaVanessa - Sport Clubs Program

Bubba Quinley

Bubba - Sport Clubs Program


Brittany- Sport Clubs Program