Pillars of Sac State Fraternities and Sororities

This website was created by data provided by each Fraternal Organization in 2008 at Sacramento State, below are some of the analyzed results.



The student organizations at Sacramento State were established nationally between 1855 and 2005. Locally these organizations started at here between 1961 and 2008. They vary in size from a single chapter at California State University, Sacramento to 950 chapters world wide.Over 43% of the organizations have chapters outside of the United States and 62% have a headquarters. Below the chart displays the guiding principles of the fraternal organizations at Sacramento State. This chart groups the common words and themes present within the 37 organizational responses to question five. The most common foundations were based around academic achievement, brotherhood/sisterhood, community service, and social development.

foundation data chart

Academic Achievement

30 of the organizations at Sacramento State reflect academic excel lance with in their founding principles. All of the organizations have an academic standard and a minimum grade point average requirement for membership. The lowest GPA required for membership was 2.0, the highest 2.85, and the average 2.28, all on a 4.0 scale.

Community Service and Philanthropy

On average, the each organization participates in more than four community service or philanthropy projects per semester. There are also related causes the fraternal groups support. The most common efforts are for youth education programs followed closely by cancer research. The figure below demonstrates the causes, grouped by theme, organizations reported as supporting the most. Causes having only one organizational support could be grouped together into other heath issues or other community based programs.

data chart

Culture and Religion

23 of the 37 organizations reported they have a basis around culture or religion. The pie chart below illustrates the cultures represented within the fraternal system at California State University, Sacramento. All organizations that indicated a foundation in culture further indicated a support of this effort with related programming.

pie chart

Brotherhood and Sisterhood

25 of the fraternal groups reported they have a foundation in brotherhood or sisterhood. Through a variety of events they provide opportunities to meet and interact with members of fraternities and sororities and other campus organizations. Some of the ways they balance scholarship with fun are: social events with other chapters, formal dinner dances, philanthropic events, Greek Week, award banquets, alumni get-together's, sorority exchange dinners, Homecoming, and intramural sporting events.